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Hip Hop is Poetry 

Taysha De La cruz

      Gold D 


                           No feelings,

                  The poet does not find

                  The joy of a new verse;

           Nor the lover the mystery of love;

                          The romantic,

  Does not perceive the fragrance of the flower

  Without feeling, but they will last to be spoiled.


My poem means that in life we find many feelings 

that will give us joy and other sadness but can be overcome.

My poem shows its meaning by saying 

"The poet does not find the joy of a new verse" 

this implies that the poet does not feel the feeling of what he writes.


This album 

is dedicated to all the teachers 

who told me

The teacher does not know much

It is the one that always encourages you to study,

Education helps you to value,

Being able to reason and think.


My poem tries to thank the teachers for their teaching.

My poem shows this feeling by saying

"Help in education to value, reason and think"

This shows them gratitude.


You act like you do not hear it, 

then give it a little clipping.

When I go for a walk

Very attentive I should be,

The signs should look

To be able to walk safely.

As if you were not down and you called again.

End Rhyme

This poem speaks of when a person does not want to pay attention to what is important as taking care of his life. 

Shows its meaning by saying 

"You act as if you do not hear it and then you give it a bit of clipping".

End Rhyme