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This includes a biography about Hayao Miyazaki, an introduction about him, some images, and resources used.

Hayao Miyazaki - Alessandra Rouse


I chose Hayao Miyazaki because I always remember as a kid seeing his works, and wondering, "Who made this? They're amazing! I wish I could draw like that!" He has actually been a huge inspiration for me to pursue in animation, so I thank him dearly for this. Miyazaki is considered an animation pioneer for being known as the "Walt Disney of Japan", creating life/animation changing works like Walt, and lots of other accomplishments. As a result of this, Hayao Miyazaki has wholeheartedly changed people's lives by just one animation, and he has done it for the better.


January 5th, 1941 - Miyazaki is born

End of World War II (1945) - Miyazaki and his family relocate

1963 - Graduates from Gakuskuin University with a bachelor's degree in Economics and Political Science

April 5th, 1963 - Miyazaki joins Toei Animation after graduating from university

1968 - Miyazaki gets to work on various projects with Toei

1971 - Hayao moves from Toei to A-Pro and works on new animations

1984 - 'Nausicca of the Valley and The Wind' releases, changing people's lives/perspectives and going to depth about world problems

1988 - 'My Neighbor Totoro' releases, while becoming a big hit

End of 1990s decade- Miyazaki retires

2003 - 'Spirited Away' releases, also changing the world of animation

2004 - Miyazaki comes out of retirement making a discretion through a film called 'Howl's Moving Castle' after Mamoru Hosuda passes away, the animation's true director

2008 - ‘Gake no ue no ponyo' comes out, gets well-received, and makes about $200 million in box office

2013 - 'The Wind Rises', recapturing events that happened in World War II 


First Picture - Satsuki Kusakabe (My Neighbor Totoro)

Second Picture - Chihiro (Spirited Away)

Third Picture - Ponyo (Gake no ue no ponyo a.k.a Ponyo)



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