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How to make a clay pot.

By; Brittney Frost, Destiny Near, Kelsey Rhodabarger, Arianna Santellano

Sid Makes a Pot

Sid makes a pot

Published: may 19, 2014

Brittney Frost, Kelsey Rhodabarger, Arianna Santellano, Destiny Neer



This story is about a Sloth named sid.

he wants to make a clay pot for his friend Diego.











First, Sid has to decide if the pot will be functional or decorative.

Sid decides to do a decorative pot. 




This first thing Sid needs to do is to get his clay. there are two types of clay; green ware and bisque ware.

once the pot is glazed, it is called glaze ware.

After getting his clay, Sid must start to wedge the clay. This will prevent air bubbles from getting in.

sid must wedge his clay by using his hands to pushing the clay together. once that is done, sid will take the wire clay cutter to cut the clay in half. checking to see if there is any air bubbles, sid will smack the clay back together.


Helpful hint:

Keep clay at a good moisture level.

keep project in a garbage bag with a damp cloth around it to keep it from drying out!

Also, keep clay reminants moist by placing them into a ziplock bag and adding moisture as needed!

 Fun Fact:

when fired through the kiln, for bisque fire the temperature is set at cone 04/1940f

When fired through a second time for the glaze fire, the temperature is set at 05-06/1915 f



After the wedging process, sid must roll a slab

a slab is a flat section of clay.

Once this clay is rolled, sid must use the fettling knife to cut out a base from the clay.


With the remaining clay, sid must roll coils.

there are three types of coils; 

Horizontal, Verticle, & Spiral. 

to roll these coils, sid must repetitively roll clay in a forward and backward motion.


Once the coils are made, sid must score, slip, and knit.

using the fork, sid will score his pot.

adding slip, this will connect his clay together.

using either the modeling spatula, modeling liner, or the modeling modeler sid will start to smooth the clay.

This will keep sid's pot from falling apart. 


Once the coils are attatched, sid must use the smoothing tool to smooth them out. 

Sid will continue smoothing his pot until the surface is smooth and looks clean.


After sid smooths his pot, he will start his additive detail

Sid decided to add snowflakes around the top of his pot. 

After forming the snowflakes with clay, Sid will score, slip, and knit them onto the pot. using the double ball stylus tool to smooth the surface around the snowflakes, sid will attatch his details to the exterior of the pot.


Once this step is complete, sid mus use the needle tool to do his negative detail. sid wants to carv out diego's name on his pot. once the carving is complete, sid will use the wireloop sgrafitto tool to subtract clay from his pot.


after sid had added his details, sid must smooth his pot.

using water, and the double-tipped wipe away tool to smooth his pot.

 Once sid's pot is smoothed, sid must wait 2 weeks for his pot to dry. 

once the pot is dry, it will be fired through the kiln. 



Once sid's pot is fired through the kiln, sid must rinse it off to make sure it has no clay dust on it. before sid can glaze it.




once the pot is rinsed off, sid must pick out his glaze colors.

sid decides to use the purple glaze, blue glaze, and the orange glaze.

Once sid has his glazes, he will start to paint his pot.



After sid has glazed all of his project, it must be fired through the kiln one last time.

once the pot is fired, he is able to give his finished project to Diego. 



sid gives diego the pot he made.

diego loves it!