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Romeo and Juliet


By Mia Bodo


Language Arts II



This was the first time Romeo and Juliet met. Romeo went to the Capulet's ball with Mercutio and Benvolio to forget about Rosaline. If Romeo didn't go to the ball he won't have meet Juliet. When they first saw each other they felt a connection between them.

Act 1 Scene 5 Lines 91-108

 After the ball Romeo snuck to Juliet's balcony to see her again. They knew that if they were caught seeing each other, their families would be make sure they didn't see each other anymore. Also that night they both planned on getting married the next day. 

Act 2 Scene 2 Lines 1-190

The next day Romeo and Juliet meet at the Church where Friar Lauence marrys them. No one from either family knew about this, except the Nurse. She is the one who let Juliet go out. 

Act 2 Scene 5-6 Lines 1-77, 1-37

After Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo gets back at Tybalt by killing him. When the Prince arrived at the scene Lord Montague was telling himthat Romeo was only doing the what would have happened to Tybalt, him being killed. As a punishment for Romeo instead of death sentence he was bannished forever from Verona. If he was found back in Verona he would be killed.

Act 3 Scene 1 Lines 80-190

When romeo was bannished from Verona he had to see Juliet one last time. It was a bad day for Romeo and Juliet. For romeo he was being bannished for killing tybalt, who killed Mercutio, romeo's cousin. With Juliet, Romeo was being bannished after they had just gotten married and her cousin Tybalt died. The Nurse finds Romeo and gives him Juliet's ring. 

Act 3 Scene 3 Lines 1-175

When Romeo left, Juliet found out that she was going to marry Paris. He father made arrangements for the wedding to be on Thursday. Juliet was unhappy, so she went to Friar Laurence. Friar Laurence came up with a plan to give Juliet a potion that will have her become "dead" for a few days. It will last long enough so that the wedding is cancelled. 

Act 4 Scene 1-3 Lines 1-126, 1-45, 1-58

Juliet took the potion back in Verona. Friar Laurence sent a letter to Romeo, but was unable to get to him. Balthlasar came and told him the news about Juliet. Romeo knew that he wanted to die next to her even if that meant going back to Verona.

Act 5 Scene 1 Lines 1-57

WHen Juliet took the potion it worked and the next morning her parents found her dead. They soon had a funeral and put her in the family chapel. WHen she would awake Romeo would be there for them to run away together. 

Act 4 Scene 5 Lines 1-95

Friar Laurence was sending a letter to Romeo in Mantua, but the Friar he sent it with was unable to deliver it. Back in MAntua, Bathlasar, Romeo's friend, told Romeo about Juliet's "death". When ROmeo heard that he wanted to die next to her even if that meant to go back to Verona. Before the they went back Romeo bought a death posion from a Apothacary. When he got hte posion he went back to Verona.

Act 5 Scene 1 Lines 57-86

When Romeo got to Verona he went to the chapel where Juliet was. She was still "dead". Before she awoke Romeo then drank his posion. As Juliet was awake she saw Romeo dead. She kissed him to see if there was still poison on his lips. 

Act 5 Scene 3 Lines 1-310

When Juliet saw Romeo dead, she kissed him to see if there was poison left. That didn't work, so Juliet took Romeo's dagger and killed herself. 

Act 5 Scene 3 Lines 145-170