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Things different of France and America

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                                  By: Sofia Bruno

          French culture


         American Culture

French culture versus American culture is very different. There holidays, schools, lunches, how they dress themselves, and even their total view of the world is completely diverse.

Cultures are differnt in other countries because of how there leaders could feel different or have a stronger feeling to chnge something in their country.  America could feel that the issue that France thought that was very important isn't important to us as a country.


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    the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
    "20th century popular culture"

The french format is also extremely different than ours. The way that they say hello to their friends and family, is different to how they say it to an authority figure. Around authoruity figures language changes because you need to be formal, with your friends or family it can be a little more layed back. When your talking to a stranger you can also use unformal language because they maybe arent imortant to you, or they arent an authority person. 




In France they have 11 holidays 5 holidays are civil adn the oter 6 are relgious holidays. There is New Years, May Day, Victory in Europe Day, Bastille day, and WWI Armistice day and then their 6 religious holidays based on the Catholic faith (easter Monday, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Assumption Day, All saints day, and christmas.

      Holiday Traditions

In France the learning part of school isn't very different. But there school hours are different they have to go to school from 8:30 to 4:30. And they dont have school on wednesdays ,so they go to school on sundays. 

French Education

French food is much different in France, espcially in school. In america we get served slop,and unhealthy food that is about 3 dollars. In france they serve food that is healthy and has goood porportions. Even though it is about 6 euros if you cant pay that the goverment will pick up the rest for you. The food overall though is just heathlier, but as for America we have more fast food resturamts then healthy resturants!

            French food

You can get any type of food from the supermarche, but if you want a speciatly food you go to a place that only sells that product!


ex. Fromage is the french word for cheese and that where you would get your quality cheese



             Food Culture

In france most of the transportation is by railroad, they have cars but they aren't as frequently used. Also the stores are open fro only a cetain amount hours, in fRance most stores close at around lunch time and take a 3 hour lunch break. In france lunch is the biggest meal and thats why in school they get an hour to eat their lunch.

      How cities are 


Most french people are very orgonized, for the most part they keep there houses and bodies clean. The average french person would have a very neat and clean house, also very nice hygiene. You also rarly see an obese french person beacsue they mostly watch what they eat. Kids are taught at a young age to do chores, the goal of this is when they are 16 or 18 they will be prepared for life.

How french homes are



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