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A is for Angel because her name is Angel, and she was kidnapped by the Erasers.


B is for briar because one of the characters have a flashback of picking berries with the guy who is like a father to them named Jeb Batchelder.


C is for cabin because the characters find a cabin that has food and somewhere to stay.




D is for the Drooling Bloodhounds because they are one of the villains in the book.  


E is for the Erasers because they are villains and they kidnapped angel and brought her to the school .


F is for fish boy because he is one of the younger kids locked up in a cage by the Erasers.


G is for the Gasman because he is Angels older brother.



H is for hostage because the Erasers were holding Max hostage until they were finished putting Angel in the sack.


I is for Iggy because he is very smart and knows a lot of stuff like where the Erasers took Angel when they kidnapped her.


J is for Jeb Batchelder because he was like a father to the main characters (the kids) before he died.


K is for killers because the Erasers are villains in the book and are mean to the other characters.


L is for love because Max and the Gasman love and care a lot about Angel.


M is for Max because she is the hero of the story because she has the courage and bravery to go and save Angel from the Erasers.


N is for Nudge because she is Max’s little sister.


O is for outside garden because that is where the kids pick berries from.


P is for pride because they all admire on another.


Q is for quitter because they never gave up to go find and or save Angel.


R is for rutted because the characters saw a lot of tire tracks from vehicle tracks on their mission to save Angel.


S is for the school because that is where the Erasers took angel.


T is for tree because Max was thrown at a tree by the Erasers.


U is for ulterior because the Erasers think that Angel is worth something.


V is for volatile because the Erasers are able to change their lead of violence plans.  


W is for wish because the whole cast wish that Angel was not taken and because she was taken they wish she will be ok.


X is for xenogeneic because Angel is friendly to strangers. By all means, she is friendly to the kids who are younger than her and locked up in a cage by the Erasers.


Y is for yummy because once the cast got to the cabin where there was food, they ate it cuz they were hungry and they thought the food was good.


Z is for zoological because the author has the characters split up into different species like the kids have wings, the Erasers are half-wolf  half-human, and the hounds are always bloodthirsty.