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Lord Of The Flies    Survival Guide

Survival hack #7: Meeting 

A great place for holding a meeting for plans, rules, or what to do next is the platform that is shaped like a triangle. 

  Survival Hack #5:  Weapons 

A great hunting weapon for hunting is a spear. To make a spear with a knife cutting barbs into the points and hardening the over the fire.   

Survival Hack #3: Sanitization

The bathing pool is the best place to washed and cleaned up.

Survival Hack #1: Fire

The best place for a rescue fire is on the mountaintop and for cooking meat such as a pig. One way you could make the fire is by getting someone's specs and direct the sun on the dried leaves a wood. There you go, you have a fire.

Lord Of The Flies    Survival Guide

Survival Hack #2: Food

The pig run is the best place to hunt for the meat which are pigs. Another food resource are fruit trees which are located near the pig run.

Survival Hack #6: Water 

Where do you drink water? There is a little stream where waterfalls which is good for drinking.

 Survival Hack #4: Shelters 

Castle Rock is a nice cave to stay in shelters to be protected by many natural disasters or make huts close to the beach which is weaker than the cave. 

Lord Of The Flies    Survival Guide

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