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Huck Finn Adventures 

By: Bailee Weyrens

It was close to one o'clock as Huck and Jim were floating down the Mississippi river on one side of the raft and Illinois was on the other side. When they were not sailing they tied their raft to the shore and covered it up so no one would see the raft. During the nights Huck sometimes goes into town for food and steals a chicken. Huck and Jim were floating down the river in the middle of a thunderstorm and they come across a wrecked steamboat and Huck wants to check it out but Jim tells Huck that he has a really bad feeling about the wrecked steamboat. As soon as they got onto the steamboat they found themselves on a steamboat full of thieves. After a bit of arguing among the robbers, Huck and Jim realize the steamboat is sinking. As soon as they realize this, Huck and Jim jump off the steamboat and into the water hoping to catch up with their raft and they leave the robbers to die but Huck being Huck decides that they can't morally let these people drown in the river. 

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Adventures on the Raft

The Sorta Rescue

Huck and Jim swim until they see lights which means they hit land. Huck and Jim made it off the steamboat safely but Huck couldn't get the robbers out of his head. While Jim was just lying down on the shore line, Huck saw a ferryboat heading to shore. He knew he needed to get someone to help the robbers from drowning but he couldn't exactly tell the people on the ferry that or they might not help. Huck devised a plan and put that plan into action. When the ferry stopped at the shore line, the man steering the ferry came out and saw Huck down on his knees and crying about how his family is still on a steamboat that is drowning. The man said he would love to help but he wanted to get paid so Huck being a master of deception told the man that a lady on the ferry was the niece of the richest man in town. The man jumped up and got on a little boat to go back to the steamboat and save the robbers. 

The Costume Change

The next day after the whole fiasco with the robbers and the steamboat, Huck and Jim finally made it to a place where they didn't have to hide as much as they did. They were dragging their raft with a trunk in the raft full of costumes so that they can dress to match the way the people dress. Huck and Jim went into town the next day wearing little maid's costumes. The boys both tried to act as normal as possible but they got a few disturbed looks from women. As the two boys were walking into town they came across a two way street, one that said Bakersfield and one that said Haunted grove.

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The Steamboat was sinking fast and the boys knew they needed to get off before they drowned so they jumped off the side while the robbers were still arguing over who to kill. As the boys swam to shore, Huck kept thinking about the men they left on the steamboat. When they finally reached the shore line, Huck felt guilty. Jim noticed and told Huck that they had to get off that steamboat because if they were caught Jim would be working as a slave again. Jim didn't want to take that risk and Huck didn't want to send Jim back to doing something so miserable so he took the thought out of his mind to help the robbers and they went on with their adventure.

The Fake Rescue

The Costumes

The Steamboat

The Ferry 

Huck and Jim had woken up from their shipwreck and when they looked around all they saw was a huge wall that went all the way around but they didn't know what it was. They were the only two people there but they had food and shelter from the harsh environment. All Huck and Jim saw was a lot of green. Little did they know they were surrounded by a huge maze and the only way out is through the maze. As Huck and Jim were looking around for some sign of life they hear a screeching sound coming from inside the walls. However before the boys find shelter the sound becomes louder and louder and the boys turn around to see this big creature that is twice their size. The boys go and....

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The Maze

Huck and Jim were walking through a cornfield in Bakersfield when an old lady was screaming at them from her barn. At that point they knew they were in trouble. They thought of running or at least getting out of her cornfield but they just stood there in fear. The old lady called them over and the boys slowly moved closer and closer towards her. As soon as they got close enough to the the lady she started going off and yelling at the boys for destroying her corn. The boys had never experienced this before so they didn't know how to act. As soon as the lady was done yelling she was looking at the boys because they had a blank expression on their faces.

The Nasty Old Women Next Door

The Attack

Huck and Jim turned around and saw the big ugly creature. As soon as they saw the creature they grabbed pitchforks and started jabbing the creature. As they did that the creature let out a great big sound and opened its mouth to reveal its fangs. Huck and Jim stopped jabbing the creature and looked right into the creatures eyes with fire in their eyes. The creature let out that screech of a sound that made Huck and Jim scrunch their face up. The creature really gave Huck and Jim a good scare as it ran back into the maze and the maze doors closed. They were shut inside the four walls that surrounded them. There was no one else with them. They felt all alone as the darkness began to fade. 

From the mean old lady to the creature who attacked.

This is the Maze that Huck and Jim were trying to escape.

The Haunted Grove

Legend has it that this grove has captured souls. It is not so much of a town as it is a haunted town. This town was not known by many because everyone was so creeped out by this town. This town was said to be haunted which didn't surprise Huck or Jim. Huck had lived with his dad so he knows scary things. Since Jim was a slave he saw some creepy things. Huck and Jim walked through the dark forrest that night because they thought they could get back to town. Boy were they wrong. They found a sign that says "All who enter shall never leave" of course them being them they didn't take the signs waring. 

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Huck and Jim saw the big ugly creature and they knew they were gonna get killed. Huck and Jim looked at each other then back at the creature who was staring right back at them. The creature let out a screech that was as loud as a screaming girl and the boys covered their ears. Both boys were afraid that the creature was going to eat them. They both looked around to see if they had any weapons to kill the creature but there was none. They would have used the skills that Tom Sawyer had taught them but they didn't think it would work on a creature this size. It had nasty black peeling skin and fangs bigger than ever. The boys took one last look at the creature and then one look to each other and they ran. They ran faster than they ever had before. They ran into a....

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Running Afraid

Huck and Jim were running faster and faster in the big open space. There wasn't many places to hide because of that but there was a bit of a forest. Jim was trying to keep up with Huck but Huck is faster than Jim. As they ran into the forest they could hear the creatures screeches getting further away though they knew they weren't safe until they found shelter. They kept running in the woods till they found a small shed that was big enough for the both of them.

Finding Shelter in the Woods

Now Bakersfield was a very quiet town that was outcasted from the town. Only certain people lived here and it wasn't even a good place to live. Huck and Jim were heading right for this boring old town and it was a long walk some through fields. Bakersfield had no story behind the town and nothing fun ever happens here. There are no festivals and no celebrations. No one celebrates birthdays. Huck and Jim were walking in the middle of a corn field when a lady saw them and yelled at them for walking all over her corn. 

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From the creepy woods, to a shelter.

The End

Huck and Jim were walking through the corn field when a lady came out and told them to come over to her. Huck and Jim didn't know whether they should run or come closer but they decided to come closer. As they came closer the women walked a few steps forward. She looked at both Huck and Jim and smiled. Though she was not happy about them walking through her corn field and destroying most of her corn both of them got a hug. She was such a kind old lady and such a sweet one. They weren't worried so much after that. They weren't worried about where they were heading and they didn't worry about the danger ahead. All they knew was that they weren't on the run anymore. They could go out and explore the world and be able to do something fun with their life. The world was their oyster. 

Nice little Old Lady and The Last Adventure

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