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   The Life Of A





This is a Parasaurolophus. The


Parasaurolophus species lived


about 76-73 million years ago


in the Late Cretaceous Period. 


The Parasaurolophus species


usually lived in North America


in the rain forests. They lived


in the rain forest because they


ate a lot of plants a day. 


The Parasaurolophus laid


eggs to hatch their babies.


They would wait for their


babies to hatch and keep


them with them for their life.


Some dinosaurs would just


abondon their babies and


would leave them behind.


A Parasaurolophus protected


itself with its large horn It was


very thick so it wouldn't break.


They have very strong legs


too so they could run fast and


they used them  too get


higher foods too.


The Parasaurolophus lives in


rain forest type places it is


used to cold weather and


plants but now the climate is


changing and it's getting


warmer so the climate will


affect it. If it stays really hot


for a long time then all the


plants in the forest will start to


dry up and soon enough it


wont have anymore foodto eat


and it will starve.


My dinosaur is going through


a climate change right now. I


gave it a mutation to have


longer arms so it can reach up


higher to grab higher foods


that it can't already reach with


its strong long legs. 


A Parasaurolophus 


doesn't have long arms


so that's how a 


a mutation of longer 


arms will help it. A 


mutation occurs when a


DNA gene is damaged


or changed in such a


way as to alter the


genetic message carried


by that gene.


Here is a picture of a


parasaurolophus with the


regular size arms and on


the right there is the


mutation of the


parasaurolophus with


longer arms. With longer


arms it will also stand up


staight instead of hunching




Now that the dinsoaur has


longer arms it doesn't have


to use all of its leg strength


to get food that is higher up


in the trees and it doesn't


hunch over anymore and can


stand up straight.


My dinosaur survived the 


climate change. Its mutation


helped a lot in grabbing higher


foods. The mutation got


passed down to its children so


they could also grab higher


foods to eat and survive and


he lived happily ever after.