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A story about a cute little puppy who hates the pound.

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I hate the pound.

I was running from men in a black suit, they were coming to get me. I crossed the 4-lane street and dodged as many cars as best as I could. I ran past a truck and-surprisingly- made it under a giant cement truck! But that `helped me because the guys were so tall all of the cars saw them, honked, and they backed off. They couldn’t see me so I ran in an abandon icebox and hid until the traffic died down. I couldn’t see the road but I could hear all the cars honking at the men. The noise stopped but before I was going to come out I was going to wait for the men to pass by, but they never did. I saw a bag of meat in the back corner. I guessed I was going to stay there for the night. Even if they pass by I kind of liked it in that little icebox. This was my new home. But first I was gong to have to find something to sleep on. I slowly opened the wooden flap to the icebox, and went out side to find something soft like a blanket or something, but the bag in there with the meat in it was soft so I could rest my head on it. 


I saw a empty dumpster that I could only tell was empty because the garbage truck had just empted it out like 5 minutes ago and I just saw a guy but an old worn out blanket in it. I started towards the empty dumpster. I was running just incase the men in black suits will still looking for me. I reached the dumpster and realized I didn’t think this plan through. I didn’t know how I was going to get in and out of the dumpster with the blanket in my mouth! But luckily there was an empty cardboard box I could jump on and climb into the dumpster. I hopped onto the box but before I jumped into the dumpster I had to make sure I could get out, there was a small ledge inside it that I could climb onto to jump out. I leaped into the dumpster, grabbed the blanket hopped on the ledge and jumped out of the dumpster. I ran across the street, bit the handle and lifted the lid up, jumped in, closed the lid and sunk onto the bag. I put the blanket over me with my mouth and went to sleep. 


When I was trying to go to sleep I thought about if it would have been better if I had just stayed home and taken it. All of the beatings, given food only three times a week, trapped in a cage all day… NO! This was much better than being in that horrible, environment! I was only lucky that I got to go outside to use the bathroom (and when I say bathroom I mean only bathroom!) When I was taken out side for the last time I had just been beaten, as soon as I walked out the door I slipped out of my collar -only because I was so skinny from not being fed-I ran around the corner and never saw them again. I guess they didn’t care about me enough to actually try to find me. 

I woke up wanting to not relive it again. That was actually the best yet worst day of my whole life. Today was the 1-month anniversary since I ran away from home! Today was the day to start at another peace of meat, I normally took a week to eat a peace of meat, but if I felt as if I could and would eat the meat faster I would make it last about a week. With this system all of the meat would last me about 4 and a half months! It smelled weird this morning, it didn’t smell bad it just… smelled really good! I had to figure out what this heavenly smell was! I lifted the lid to the icebox up and peeked my head out to make sure there were no guys in black suits waiting to see me or looking for me. There was no one on the street this morning, not even any cars. I jumped out of the box and sprinted down the sidewalk to the next corner, but before I turned the corner I looked to make sure there was no one there. Unfortunately three guys who worked for the pound were still looking for me, to take me to the pound and kill me if no one came to take me in a week. I guessed that the wonderful smell was a bag of fresh hot, just from the oven, French bread! 


Then it occurred to me that there was a baseball stadium right around the corner! I’d never actually realized where I had run way to until I had seen the New York Yankees stadium! That was a place that would have a lot of food! I just had to get in that stadium and get one, two, or if I was lucky three peaces of that French bread! But I was going to have to go around to the other side of the block so I didn’t get caught. I turned around and as casually as I could and walked at a study pace. I reached the corner and hung a left. Walked forward and sprinted across the street. I walked through the entrance and hid under a hotdog stand. I heard the crowd cheering at the top of there lungs. The guy working the stand I was under must have saw me because he picked up a hot dog and dropped it under the stand. I licked his leg and came out from under the stand. 

He pet me picked me up and pet me in my favorite spot behind my ear. I didn’t know how I would like it to being picked up by a total stranger. I didn’t like this so I scrambled out of his hands and ran away. The French bread I had smelled earlier had been in a basket with a sign that said ‘1 for $1.50 or three for $3.00’ I grabbed as many peaces as I could and ran away but when I got to the exit 2 pound workers walked in I turned around and sprinted away but all three was I cold go were blocked. I was done for. I spun around three times and lied down like I did every time before I went to sleep. I let the three peaces of bread out of my moth and put them next to me on the floor. I put my head in between my paws and closed my eyes. The two guys ran at me, picked me up and took me outside. They threw me in there truck and shut the door. They drove away to the pound and put me in a cage. All of the other animals were wailing, screeching and barking. I might as well have just given up then. I felt like months when I was in there. But it was only like twenty minuets until that guy I ran away from came to the pound. “Hey buddy!” he said to me as he kneeled at my cage. “How did you get here?” The guy from that put me here was at the counter. He came in and let me out wit his giant key ring. He let me out and I sprinted and ran out the door. Leaped across the street, but a car came…





to be continued…