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This Web booklet will show you what the ancientness MADD is all about. hope you enjoy and donate to the cause!

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  • MADD

Mother's against drunk driveing

This  agency helps prevent drunk driving because it is very dangerous and can kill people. Did you know there ends up being 300,000 incidents a day all relating to drunk driving?! There is also 10,265 deaths a year, and 290,000 injuries per year. you can help prevent and save life's by donating now at Don't be a victim of drunk driving. stay safe and keep alcohol out of the vehicle. Have a good day and wear your seat belt. 

The Beginning

MADD started in September 5, 1980. It was small but gradually got bigger as more people donated and helped with the cause. 

Did you know?

 MADD has many drunk driving stories, including some from there own workers. If you have any stories relating to drunk driving go share it on there website. people work hard every day to help prevent and protect drivers on drugs.