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Gracias por la Vida Gracias por el Amor!<3

 Salvador Mendoza Falcon


         By: Esmeralda Mendoza 


My Father, Salvador Mendoza Falcon was born in Santa Rita, Jalisco Mexico on Feburary 16, 1973. My father decided he wanted to have a better life so at age 17 he decided to come to the United States and he lived in Worthingtong, Minnesota for 5 years. Later on he decided he wanted to move somewhere else and he had a lot of family in Storm Lake, Iowa so he decided to move to Storm Lake Iowa and he lived in Storm Lake for 19 years.  

Salvador Mendoza Falcon

      My parent's met in Storm Lake, Iowa and they met in the year 1997. They saw each other and my father told me "When I saw your mom i knew she was the one"(Mendoza,S). Later on the same day they both ended up going to the same party with out planning it. My mother told me "When I saw your dad I knew I wanted him to be the man of my children and my lover for the rest of my life"(Zamudio,A). Later on they started to be girl friend and boyfriend they where so in love that in the year 1998 they got married and where one happy couple. A year later my mom was not feeling so well so my dad decided to take her to the doctor to see what was wrong and when the doctor came back he told my mom she was expexting a baby! She then gave birth to My older sister Sabrina on March 29, 1999. Later on my mom was expectng me and even then she got even happier and so did my dad. I was then born in May 24 ,2000. We where one happy family my mom knew we where missing something and so did we. She knew she had to have a other kid and he had to be a boy! Then the day came and she gave us the news that she was expecting a baby boy! We all where so happy to hear that. Time passed and my baby brother Salvador was born in June 30, 2008. We knew we would be one happy family and we still are!

Love Life!

My Father Salvador then started to work. The first job he had was in Billmar and he worked for that company for 7 years. Later on he changed job and started working in the company Sara Lee and he worked for that company for 10 years and the things he would do would be carrying turkeys to a semi and he worked a night shift. Then after those 10 years they decided to give my dad a different position and he then would take care of turkeys to make sure everything was fine and nothing would happen to them. He spent 9 years at that job. Later on my dad was the best worker and the supervisor saw that and he knew my dad deserved better so he decided to ask my dad if he wanted his position and my dad was so excited he did not know what to say. Later on my dad started working for the Company Hillshire and he did accept to work as a supervisor, they gave him a house to live in and everything was great. We moved to a farm because he became supervisor and he worked in that position for 4 years and that was the last job he had.

Places Worked

The things that my dad enjoyed doing on his free time where going hunting,fishing, and loved drinking with his friends/ family. My dad's most favorite thing out of all that was going hunting with his friends to bring back the grand prize and it was a deer. We would take the deer in to get deer meat back, because our family loved to eat dear meat."Iwould eat most of it"(Mendoza,S).Something else my dad would enjoy would be making party's at our house and inviting all of the family so we could have a get together and be social with each other because our whole family is important. 


My dad's favorite place to go to vacation is to Santa, Rita Jalisco, Mexcio. My dad would always leave during the month of May because that would be when the party's of our Town started. A lot of people from all over United States go down there because they are the best parties out of every other town down in Mexico. My dad would always be buying new horses every single time we went down there and now he has a total of 11 horses that he owns. My dad loves horses and he enojoys taking care of them. Most of our family lives down there. We visit them every year to make sure they are doing fine and everyhting is going well we love our family.


My father did not enjoy going shoppiing he hated it. Every single time he would take my sibling's and I shopping he would give us a certain amount of time because he did not like to wait, my dad was not patient. My dad also disliked disorder. If the house was messy he would make us clean it up because we would be the one's making the mess. He always expected it to be clean, and if it was not clean he would tell us to clean it or he would not let us out or buy us the things we wanted. So my sister Sabrina and I would always make sure the house was clean and we would not talk back to him either because that was one of the things my dad hated the most, getting talked back to. The last thing my dad hated was celebrating his birthday. He would always say "Im staying the same age I don't want to get older"(Mendoza,S). So we would never celebrate his brithday we would just have something little for him since he disliked parties.

Thing's he dislikes

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