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Thomasina Smith

March 21, 2016


Period: 1B



Just Another Interlude

As I look around By: thomasina Smith (Write Like)                    1

Destiny By: Thomasina Smith                                                   2

Finale By: Thomasina Smith                                                    3

Full Moon By: Thomasina Smith (Write like)                             4

Happier By: Thomasina Smith                                                  5

 Lost By: Thomasina Smith                                                      6

Moon Rondeau By: Carl Sanburg                                             7

Sun in my eyes By: THomasina Smith                                         8

The Cycle By: Thomasina Smith (Write Like)                              9

The Regretful Man By: Thomasina Smith (Write like)                 10

Those Winter Sundays By: Robert Hayden                                   11

Woman by: Nikki Giovanni                                                     12

Y O U By: Thomasina Smith                                                    13





Table Of Contents

The silence was too much for me

I could no longer stay here, its impossible
As much as I  tried there was no way I could leave

Nothing but cold and dark silence


He trapped me, I don't know who I am anymore

How could I fall for it? How? All the lies

Was I that naive? I'm so disappointed in myself

Will I ever make it out alive?


Just as I was begining to see the light

He captured me once.... again. I just cant escape

There's nothing I can do other than give up

i just want to give up.... And I just might 

   As I look Around... 

                    By: Thomasina Smith

(Write Like)


By: Thomasina Smith

Smile so Contagious

 Your big brown eyes

- You make any situation better

The love I have for you-

Is unconditional



I don't know what I would do

-You've helped shape me

What-a-beautiful young-

Lady you are


The Happiest

 I've ever been

With you









Finale meaning ending

All things must come-

-to an end

Even when we don't

Want them to


We will eventually-

have to overcome-our-

hurt feelings and all

Its over


Endings aren't always-

bad-Endings mean-

Beginings new memories

New opportunities



By: Thomasina Smith

New Opportunities give-

You the chance-to-

Try new things

Expanding your horizon


 Finales give us something-

to-look forward to

It's coming but-we-

Don't know when or how 

Silver, the color of the ring you always wore

I remember so much about you

Like how much you hated to be late

Yet you loved to make an entrance

Whenever I see you everything else vanishes


I love the way you call out my name

The way your nose moves when

you're in deep thought

The reflection of the moon on your face

Filss me with joy and love


Your're worth more than gold in my eyes

And that's all that matters

Together forever


Full Moon

By: Thomasina Smith (Write like)


By: Thomasina Smith

The smile on my face won't go away

And I'm not complaining-

I never needed you. About time-

I realized that, 


I've never been this happy before

I won't let anything or anyone mess it up

Not even you, And I'm not sorry about that

I owe it to myself


To Keep my head up-see- all of my worth

Either you can join me or see me walk away

This is the life I want to live

A happy one, a care free one





    By: Thomasina Smith

What am I supposed to do?

I honestly have no idea

You really aren't helping at all

What's your purpose?


You're supposed to be my help

You aren't doing a good job-

I hate feeling like this


Not knowing where to go-

How to feel-

-How to react- It really sucks

What am I to do?


I hate feeling lost





"Love is a door we shall open together."

SO they told each other under the moon

One evening when the smell of leaf mould 

And the beginings of roses and potatoes

Came on a wind.


Late in thr hours of that evening

They looked long at the moon and called it

A silver button, a copper coin, a bronze wafer,

A plaque of gold, a vanished diadem,

A brass hat dripping from deep waters.


"People like us,

us two,

We own the moon."




ANNOTATION: "Moon Rondeau" by Carl Sandburg protrayed a realtionship built on real love. They enjoyed the simple things in life. "Love is a door we shall open together". they're starting a life together. They're ready for whatever comes their way. The couple cherished things money couldn't buy. 

               Moon Rondeau 

                                        By: Carl Sandburg

Everything was just "Perfect"-And I mean that

Nothing could go wrong in my eyes

There's love all around-what more could I ask for

Yeah I know-cliche


Who knew that my only dream would-Betray-me?

Everything I've come to know was-a-lie

I was blinded-by- what I wanted to be True

When in reality-nothing was real


How would I've known?- The real question is

How didn't I know? Why did I let it prove me-

Wrong. I was blinded by the light I once adored

Then- I realized the negativity



 Sun in my eyes

              By: Thomasina Smith 

Always, whenever I'm up I'll always go downhill

It all starts when the feelings are there I'm happy

Then I slowly began to travel down the path I wish I never created

It's because of you, you're the reason why I'm down


Before, I beleived you were the one for me, the sure to my sadness

I thought I would be happy finally, obviously I was wrong

I shouldn't suspect you know why right?

You're oblivious to the fact that I'm human too


I should just cut all ties between us right?

Well I can't, even though I try so so hard

When will I learn that I'm the cause of my own happiness?

I don't and I'll never need you to make me happy ever again

The Cycle

By: Thomasina Smith (Write Like)

I should've been her tree

All she wanted was for me to be along with her

Why did I have to be anti-change?

I thought we were fine the way we were


I'm not one for change

But if I would've known I would be losing her I would've tried

A lot harder, because I barely tried

I should've been her corner


I had no idea that she would just up and leave me

How couldn't I see that?

I was too blinded by my own needs and wants

I should've let her grow


Maybe we could've grown together

Maybe it's not too late for us

I want to be the man she's been wanting

Just wait.... 


The Regretful Man

                by: Thomasina Smith (Write Like)


      Those Winter Sundays

                        By: Robert Hayden


 Sundays too my father got up early

and puts his clothes on in the blueblack cold,

then with cracked hands that ached

from labor in the weekday weather made

banked fires blaze. No one ever thanked him.


I'd wake and hear the cold splintering, breaking.

When the rooms were warm, he'd call,

and slowly I would rise and dress,

fearing the chronic angers of that house,


Speaking indifferently to him,

who had driven out the cold

and polished my good shoes as well.

What did I know, what did I know

of love's austere and lonely offices?



Annotation: The poem had a very cold feeling. "Blueblack cold". This poem reflected the hard times of Robert's childhood. The hard work his father endured just to make sure his family was alright. Robert wished he would've had a stronger relationship with his father. He didn't realize what he should've done until he got older. If he could he would go back in time and change some things so that he could have a better relationship with his father.















































she wanted to ba a blade                     she tried to be a book

of grass amid the fields                       but he wouldn't read

but he wouldn't agree

to be the dandelion       


she wanted to be a robin singing           she turned herself into a bulb 

through the leaves                             but he would'nt let her grow

but he refused to be 

her tree


she spun herself into a web                  she decided to become

and looking for a place to rest            a woman

turned to him                                    and though he still refused

but he stood straight                          to be a man

declining to be her corner                   she decided it was all



                     By: Nikki Giovanni 



ANNOTATION: In this poem the Woman wanted to grow while her lover refused to let her. He's fine with whatever they have going on and he isn't one for the change. So as she went on with the change he refused to let her do he stayed a boy and she left. "She tried to be a book but he wouldn't read" this line represented the need of being educated but he still refused her needs and wants.

I love talking to Y O U 

We have the best conversations

I want to talk to y o u when-I'm not in the best mood

I can tell y o u everything

Our bond can't ever be broken


I hope y o u feel the same about me

I can't get enough of y o u 

Makes me smile just thinking about Y O U

You're beautiful Brown orbs make me feel safe

How can someone be as loveable as y o u?


I love y o u

I honestly do

I'll always be there for y o u 






 Y O U 

  By: Thomasina Smith