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now showing at sydney theatre darling harbour on the 8/2/05the 8th of February 2005 buy tickets online special deal $40 for two tickets.

tickets cost $30 dollars for each person contact us at sydney theatre darling harbour to order tickets or order tickets online and choose a custom seating plan be quick to order your tickets

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Directed by Vas.Mani

Start time is 8:00am to 9:30am

The Bully

Arranged by de la salle revesby

TheBig Bad Bully is about a boy who lives next door to his bully at school his bully throws rubbish in his window and throws water bombs in his room he is to afraid to tell his parents so he keeps it to him self and he all day and night he thinks about ways he could fix his problem about the bully

the bully play is about a boy who is being bulled at school and he is trying to tell friends and teachers principles but it is still continuing

Please turn all mobile phones and enjoy the show

one day the boy goes to school and everyone laughs at him and he is confused about why this is happing his best friend Jack said ''hey bill have you seen this picture steven as found of you it not very nice he edited you face to look like a sad emoji and he posted it to every one in school''bill says i don't know what to do his friend shows support for his friend and bill saved the picture on his phone and he showed his parents and told them what was happing and so the bully stopped after the parents caught him for cyber bullying

the bully...........Jeff Thomas

the victim............Thomas bob

jack-Michael word

victims dad............George cooper

victims mum..........Holly Clue



lighting.............Jeff son

editing..............Christian cool

sound effects...........Chris ids

stage props...........Copper jack









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