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The union and confederate armies had the first major land battle of the civil war close to the Manasseh junction Virginia, on July 21,1861.

The battle of the bull run began when 35,000 union troops marched from Washington dc along the bull river.

The confederate army came together after struggling to break the union which helped to send the federals to Washington.

When the confederate army won against the union it gained confidence to people of the north.The north realized they might not win as easily.  

Battle Begins At Bull Run

The civil war began in 1861 when confederate troops fired at fort Sumter. The public wanted the union to attack Richmond before a meeting of the confederate congress.

President Abraham Lincoln told brigadier general McDowell to attack the enemy and make way to Richmond.  because of the early victories by the union, Lincoln knew this was a right move.

This man is general P.G.T Beauregard. He camped near Manasseh junction  along the bull run river near Washington dc.

After the civil war the south went bankrupt. It was left with its roads, farms, and factories in shambles. 620,000 men died in the civil war which was more then any other war in american history. The south was rebuilt of the next 20 years. This was the reconstruction era.

When the civil war was over the Constitution had to be amended. The northern states added the 13th-15th amendments.

The civil war has forever changed our lives.

The civil war made U.S. on nation, not separate states.

It forced suffrage for all adults.

We all became Americans.