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Get Inspired! Sharon Orange is a phenomenal lady filled with power-packed messages of love, hope, and inspiration. Cancer free since 2008; she is a true testament to the fact that you can do anything you desire when you put your hands to it. Her holistic experiences emanate from variousareas of life: home, health, family, and the community.

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According to Mayo Clinic, Sharon is the “Miracle Lady”. Her bout with breast cancer is nothing short of a modern day miracle. When man says, “No…we give you three months to live...Her charismatic testimony will speak to the “dry bones” in your life and inspire you to make tweaks and adjustments as appropriate. So Get Inspired today !

My Story!


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Every person should have the opportunity for change and inspiration for life. This is your opportunity to embrace the turning point in your life. The turning point or critical point can either embark you on a new course or hinder your growth. Having an independent ear can ultimately expedite and enhance your ability to complete life goals, dreams with fewer setbacks. Sometimes we don’t want to confer with those around us. We always need a trained and experienced person to listen, ask the proper questions, to assist you in the decision making  process.


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In May 2008, I underwent my usual physician visit along with my annual mammogram, everything was fine.  September of that same year, I discovered a pimple on my left breast, and I returned to the physician to determine the cause, to my surprise, the doctor found a large lump.  Immediately, a mammogram was arranged and the diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer of my left breast was rendered.  The tumor diagnosed was 3cm in size.  The films and biopsy indicated that my lymph nodes had been compromised also, and they explicated the urgency of the situation as the cancer could progress throughout my body (metastasize).


This type of cancers are extraordinary and considered to be “an aggressive variety of cancer and problematic in handling as it disproportionately strikes African-American women 15% more. It's called triple negative breast cancer or TNBC, and statistics report approximately 200,000 new cases will be discovered in 2009 alone.

The Mammogram

My Story


Outside of the internal mental struggle, I continued my visits to the Doctors office.  The Surgeon at Mayo Clinic, rendered information about my situation and it was bleak and depressing; she walked into my room and advised me that I possess a rare form of cancer, it was stage three and requested a biopsy at surgery, and asked if I would sign a consent form “we'd love to sample the tumor”. 


When I inquired about survival rates, she rendered a response of a 20% probability, continuing the conversation about the history of the demonic force (the Cancer) that attacked by body.   My family and I didn’t care where this sickness came from; we simply need to determine the root cause of it and curse it.  My prayer partners and I faced each other as the Surgeon requested me to fill out some paperwork allowing them to sample the Cancerous tumor.  The consensus, initially, was to wait on the surgical procedure.  The Doctor left the room, she went one way and we went the other, believing my God is a healer.  My desire was to find a Doctor lead by the Lord, one that spoke of prayer, faith, and believed anything was possible with God. 


I required Gods’ physician to walk with me through this test.  I believe God grants man wisdom to create miracles in the natural realm that we dwell in


The first Oncology Doctor at Mayo gave me a death sentence, alleging even after chemotherapy, the survival rate and three months’ time line wouldn't alter.  We must acknowledge the Holy Scripture of the God Almighty and become part spirit, hearing his voice, walking in the natural will contribute to your demise.  We departed that agency recognizing she wasn't ordered by God to treat me. 

The Probability Changed


We were advised by the new Doctor to start chemotherapy at once!   Due to my astonishment, I needed a minute to hear from God.  The bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:7 we walk by faith, not by sight; even moving to Arizona was a faith move.  We trust God for everything, the ministry call, the anointing, gifts; we were proceeding to work this out.  Faith not fear is the key, I must not listen to Prince of Darkness and even though the enemy talked profusely.

  I kept my mind focused and everyone around me concentrated on prayer.  No time for pity, and grief I did not even tell my immediate family, (as they each visited Arizona during this time) of assault on my body.  


  I engaged in thirty days of prayer, we adjoined our prayer partners, because it was warfare.  Naturally, I worked on my body. Faith without works is dead.  The Doctor, originally was so negative with my prognoses, I knew those odds weren't the odds God had for me.   I believed His Word, taking action, I continued the process.  The tumor did reduce in size within the thirty days.


During that time my household and the prayers of the saints and angels held me through the storm.  My initial agenda was to contact saints that could pray and hear from God, not those Barren churches where God isn't moving.  A barren tree has no fruit, meaning no power, prayer life, anointing, deliverance.



Would you plant a barren tree?  Dried out, bent over, brown, roots dead, desolate, sycamore tree, Jesus cursed it because it wasn't producing excellent or any fruit altogether, it was barren.  How can your faith grow without proper nourishment? Are healthy roots in your ministry?   The Pastor is the head and the sheep extends the length of the tree.  If the tree is dead so are you!   Permit your walk with Christ to precede, a great need in your life.  Experience God, don’t just know about him!  My family always prayed and agreed and upon moving to Arizona, we connected with a Praying Ministry.   Collectively, we prayed together every day, and had awesome prayer partners. I keep stating prayer.  My life depended on it! 


In that first thirty days before chemotherapy, I desired God to entirely remove my tumor.  By his stripes I'm healed!  A prophetic word came at a fellowship “the devil took his hands off of you and walked away, I can’t touch her”.  My expectations for a miracle are great!  Understanding the requirements for healing, it’s very important to get in order.  I worked on forgiveness, growing up in church, as Christians, we're held at a different standard.  Knowledge is indeed power.  Yes, Jesus cured the sinner and they then followed Christ.  I had experienced the miracle power of God before. 


I went back to Mayo Clinic, since they're still in the top five in the country.  I returned to the previous surgeon that gave me the bleak prognoses, as a witness of Gods power.  At the conclusion of chemotherapy there were NO traces of a triple negative 3 cm lump, my lump nodes were completely cancer free.  However, the medical process still consisted of a biopsy of the tissue where the markers were, because the tumor was gone.  Eventually, radiation around the markers as again, there was no lump to radiate, however; I followed the Doctors process to demonstrate a full testimony of the greatness of God.  The biopsy went well, but the top Oncology Surgeon in the Country was discombobulated she said “as I took samplings of your lymph nodes, additional nodes would come; it was like they were being replenished.  I've never seen anything like that before in my life.”


It was entirely about the procedure.  God picked out that physician for a reason.   She even had to acknowledge that Miracles do happen she renamed me The Miracle Lady.   God took care of my body throughout the entire process.  Medical records will show blood work (red and white cells) test remained excellent.  The reported side effects never materialized.

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