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My Poem Project

By Hannah Alderson


Page 3: ABC poem

Page 4: Cinquain

Page 5: Haiku

Page 6: Bio poem

Page 7: Shape poem

Page 8: Acrostic poem

Page 9:Elegy

Page 10: Tanka poem

Page 11: List poem

Page 12: Epitaph poem

Page 13: Diamante poem

ABC poem

An ocean sways

Blowing in the wind are palm trees

Carelessly people wade in the water

Deeper and deeper they go

Even with a chance of being swept under

Fear does not take them over




Peppy, fun

Marching, counting, articulation

Exciting, nervousness, proud, happy



Snare drum popping goks

Wrists snapping, arms laying still

Still marching proudly



Bio Poem

Lena Halloway

Brave, free, smart, beautiful

Friend of Raven

Loved running and dancing with her mom as a child

Exhiliration, love, trapped

Losing Alex, losing Grace, getting cured

Lena accomplishes getting over the fence, rescusing her cousin Grace, saving Hana, and getting Alex back

She wanted to see the walls torn down. She wanted to see people with the freedom to express emotions



Shape poem

A box. I am trapped, for I cannot get out.

I sit                                    here and wait

As no                                    one comes

To get                                          me out

I guess                                         I’ll just

Sit and pout until eventually I am let out.

Acrostic poem

Taking away your sleep

Hendering your dreams

Understanding it is only noise

Not something that can hurt you

Do your best to ignore the loud cracks

Even as it lights up the sky

Rest unafraid




I will never forget the summer practices

The sweat and effort


The only thing I am greatful for

Is the loss of stress


But I will never forget the exhiliration

The happiness as I marched on the field

Tanka poem

I strum happily

Plucking the strings playing notes

I hum along too

Along I move my fingers

As they dance across the uke


List poem

I walk into a room with a purpose

I look around for my glasses

I look under here

I look behind there

And I cannot find them

Until it dawns on me they have been resting on my head the whole time

Limerick poem

A lady sat on a chair

She was very close to pulling out her hair

As she waited for the rain to stop

She watched every droplet drop

She sat and growled like a bear



Here lies my husband

I say to him goodbye

As he lays in the ground

And now so do I




                                  Hot, busy

                     Burning, waiting, sweating

     Cranking up the AC, towering buildings gleam

                      Shopping, eating, driving

                               Bustling, large