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France (Like Canada But Not As Cold)


Culture is the different arts, belifs, and beliefs of different groups of people throughout the world. Cultures are so different because of how things run in that place, forming the culture. For example, cultures in a Theocracey (A Government led by religious leaders) would be much different than the culture in a democracy because of how the place is run. The purpose of this pamphlet is to compare and contrast the differences in culture between America and France.

Customs regarding formality and informality vary depending on where you are, in America, it is polite to shake someones hand when you first meet them or open the door for them. France, however, is a different story, not only are there gestures that are and arent appropriate, but how you address people is important as well. For example, if you said ¨on fait¨ (we make) that is informal, but if you say ¨nous faisons¨ (We make)  That is considered formal. Similarrules apply to how you greet your friends versus adults and so on.

Formality and Informality

Holiday traditions in France obviously differ than the ones here in America. First of all, they strictly follow traditions there like on La Toussaint, Which is all Saints day, they followthe tradition sctrictly and the only thing open that day are flower  shops to buy flowers and honor the dead. This is just and example of how the French honor the traditions that come with holidays.

Holday Tranditions

French food is much different than the food here in America. First of all, in America we will sometimes just go to a fast food joint or maybe buy some little microwave dinner to eat. In France, they like to stop at cafes and just a simple lunch meal consists usually of 2-3 courses! Compare that to the lunches here which are just Kraft Mac And Cheese or PB and J. So, they eat in a much more fancy manner than us here.


When you think of buying food, you probably think of going to the local stop and shop and just going to the deli section, then the meats, then the dairy section. In France, this is not the case. The French buy their food at the local butcher, or they go and buy fruits from the small market, they dont have huge "Powerhouse" companies such as Stop & Shop selling them their foods and such.

Where Is Food Purchased?

Cities in France are interesting, some cities like Paris, are split into sections. Others, like Saint-Etienne, can be built around a single building.The transportation can vary though, just like some places in America, French cities have metros. They also use cars and such so the transportation between us and them isnt so different after all.



Homes in France kiond of run like homes here in America used to. In France, every person has chores to do, they will usually start doing chores at the age of 3. Where they will start to clean their room and so on as they get older. Here in America, not most people dill do chores other than occasionally taking out the trash or walk the dog or something.


This will be a quiz showing weather you are more French or More American.

Q #1: Do you do chores often around the house? Do you and/or your family have scheduled chores?

                                            A: Yes   B: No


Q #2: Where do you buy your food? Do you like to buy from local farmers, butchers, etc? Or dou you prefer to go to a place such as Stop & Shop to purchase food?          

                 A: I like to buy food locally  

                 B: I like to go to super markets    

Quiz Time

Q #3: Do you follow usual holiday traditions? Such as fasting on Yon Kippur or going to church on Easter?(If you celebrate these) Or do you just celebrate holidays how you see fit?

                                    A: I follow traditions

                                    B: I do not follow traditions


Q #4: Is it common for you to prepare a 2-3 course meal for say lunch or dinner or both? Or, does just eating a simple meal suit you better?

                               A: I prepare corse meals

                               B: I eat one meal per meal time


Q #5: Do you prefer extravagant meals such as escargot (snail) or lobster, or do you like just plain old food such as chicken and potatoes and corn etc.

                              A: I prefer fancy meals

                              B: I prefer plain meals



Q # 6: Are fast-food joints your thing or do you like to stop at cafes and coffee shops?

           A: I like fast food places

           B: I like coffee shops



Q # 7:  Is drinking a little glass of wine or some sort of drink during dinner a usual thing at your house. Or do you like to drink occasionally?

                       A: I drink a little during dinner

                   B: I drink on special occasions


Q # 8: Do you greet your elders, teachers, and or parents the same way you greet your friends?

             A: Yes I greet them the same way as my friends

B: No I greet my friends differently than those people

Q # 9: Do you celebrate holidays such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day or veterans day and thank the veterans and or Dr. King, or do you just go along like it's a regular day?

     A: I celebrate these holidays

     B: I go along with my day


Q # 10: When you think of fancy clothing do you think of a nice dress or a Tux. Or do you think of designers such as Louis Vuitton or Coco Channel.

     A: I think of just dresses and stuff

     B: I think of designers and their clothing

Okay, so if you answered A to most of the questions, Congradualtions! You appeal more to the French culture. The French are more fancy and like to do more drinking and work around the house than us here in America.

On the flip side, if you answered B for most of the questions, you appeal more to the American dream. Here we like more cheap, easy to make foods, we dont really go crazy for designers of clothing, and we are more practical than the French in some ways.

All in All, Thank You!