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        Hiawatha and the Peacemaker                                Retold by Veer

 Inspired by Robbie Roberston's Hiawatha and the Peacemaker

Fire spread through the woods, I screamed with all my rage. The evil chief Tadodaho killed my wife and beautiful daughters. I wanted to punish Tadodaho for what he had done.

I made a shelter up the river with very a rough amount of food and water; I got a fire to start, but it would be gone right away, I just gave up and tried to sleep, but I could only think of revenge. Then one morning while I was looking for food, a blinding reflection came from the water. There was a man in a stone canoe whom I had never seen before. He started to approach me. I did not know what to do?

"Who are you? Why have you come here?" I asked.He smiled for a reply. We stood there quietly until he spoke up and said "I-I am-m the Peacemaker, I know-w of your loss, that is why I am here. I t-o-o hate this fight-ting."I could hardly hear him as he was stuttering between his words. I considered his words, but I could not believe him yet, but then he said: "Peace, power, and rightness shall be the new way of our nations help me carry this message friend." Then I agreed to help him on this journey.

Together we traveled to the land of the Mohawk people.He told me he was the Peacemaker. When we reached the Mohawk land, the chief greeted us and asked us why we came. I told him about the peacemaker, the great law and how the fighting needs to stop. That just made him want to fight more; he said: "We cannot trust your words, prove to us that our nations can unite and we will join you." So we listened and set off to find the Cayuga.

When we got there, the Cayuga chief greeted us in and asked us why we came. I told the chief about how my family had gotten killed, and we needed to stop fighting and have peace. The Peacemaker also spoke telling everyone about the great law. The chief liked that idea, and he agreed to help us on our journey.So we set off to find the Seneca.

Together we paddled as one nation


We found the Oneida people on a ruined land, Tadodaho had destroyed their land, and there were fire and blood everywhere. The Oneida people looked very upset; I figured if we told them about it great law it would make them, happier. The Peacemaker agreed to my idea and went straight up the chief and told him everything, he looked much more pleased and agreed to help us. 

Together we paddled as two nations

 We found the Seneca tribe on a huge island. The chief looked angry and feisty. When we came closer towards him, he screamed at our faces" why have you come here we do not allow unexpected visitors." Then the Peacemaker, and I told him about my family's death and the great law, that calmed him down, and surprisingly he hated the fighting as well and agreed to help us. Finally we were going to show the Mohawk chief what we had done.

Together we paddled as three nations

We went back to the land of the Mohawk tribe and showed the chief that we had united all the nations. He seemed so surprised he dropped his sword in a heartbeat and said he would help us.

We found Tadodaho's land in a very deserted area which was pretty obvious. Tadodaho himself came down and boomed "Why have you come here leave now, or you die!" The Peacemaker did not budge and told me to tell Tadodaho what he had done to my family and everybody else. Tadodaho had changed his voice and said: "I'm sorry for all this trouble, I did not want to be a maniac." I forgave him, and the peacemaker asked me to make medicine for him. I gathered roots and herbs for the medicine, gave it to Tadodaho and told him "You need to have this three times a day and we would be back in three days."

 The Peacemaker and I got up early to check on Tadodaho. As we approached his land, I saw him as a regular human, and all of his demon like looks were gone. The once evil man had become a regular person. After we had sawed Tadodaho the Peacemaker allowed him to still live in his little land, he also, made all the chiefs promise never to fight again. Finally, there was peace.