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If you give Tressa a book, then she will read it.

If she reads the book, she will be off her phone.

If she is off her phone, then her mom will be happy.

If her mom is happy, then she'll make cookies.

If she makes cookies, then Tressa will be happy.

If Tressa is happy, then she'll have the energy to do her schoolwork.

If she has the energy to do her schoolwork, then she will pass her classes.

If she passes her classes, she will have more free time.

If she has more free time, then she will hang out with her friends.

If she hangs out with her friends, then her mental health will improve. 

If her mental health improves, then she will be calmer and happier.

If she is calmer and happier, then she will be creative enough to write.

If she is creative enough to write, then she will write a beautiful story.

If you give Tressa  book, the she will write a beautiful story.