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Originally Vital Longevity was a series of seminars I developed to share my knowledge of
health and wellbeing. (A synopsis of these can be seen in the five pillars of health and
longevity on this website)
Cacao Raw Cacao
Cacao One of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet with
incredibly high levels of anti-oxidants. and the ability to lift moods
through naturally containing neurotransmitters, Cacao is a true super
This has been recognized by the ancient tribes of South America who
believed it to be divine elixir given to them by the gods.
Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten Free, Dairy
Free Super food Paleo breakfast blend
Chia Seeds (spray free), Organic waltana gold rolled flax seeds,
Ground nut and seed blend (Organically grown sunflower seeds,
Organic pepitas, almonds and macadamia nuts) Organic raw Cacao
nibs, Organic coconut flower nectar (powdered), Goji Berries, Organic
Pomegranate powder, Lemon powder, Organic ginger powder,
Organic acai berry powder.
Coconut cherry Paleo Power Balls
2 Cups paleo breakfast cereal (original or cacao)
½ Cup coconut milk
½ Cup shredded coconut
½ Cup glazed cherries
1/2 cup dark organic cacao Chocolate chip pieces
Chop/mix powerstart with coconut milk in food processor then
stir in glazed cherries, chocolate pieces and shredded coconut.
Roll into balls and cover with shredded coconut.
Too make more solid mix in ½ cup of nut butter (almond,
cashew, brazil.)
Powerstart Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry is a totally grain free, high protein, low carb, super food
paleo breakfast cereal Highly nutritious, totally functional and
amazingly delicious.
Chia Seeds (spray free), Organic waltana gold rolled flax seeds,
Ground super seeds blend (Organically grown sunflower seeds,
Organic pepitas) Goji Berries, Blue berries, organic Cherry powder,
Organic Blue berry powder, Organic Goji Berry powder, Organic
pomegranate powder, Organic acai berry powder.
Powerstart Smoothie
Cocoa, bee pollen, fig powder, date powder, goji berry powder,
withania, astragalus, maitake, colostrum (dairy), carob, cinnamon,
xylitol, fructo-oligiosaccharides and stevia.
Carrying on from our functional super-food cereals, we have created
the perfect smoothie blend; which once again, takes taste and
functional nutrition to a new level.
Powerstart green Paleo smoothie
Grind powerstart dry in blender until it is powdered, add in the rest of the ingredients and
blend till smooth.
1 Cup Powerstart Paleo cereal
1 Cup Kale
½ Cup Broccoli
¼ Cup Wheatgrass juice or 1 table spoon powder
1 Tsp (one knuckle) Ginger
Juice of one lime
1 Apple
1 Kiwi fruit
1 Cup water