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John Lasseter is a famous animator that works for Pixar and has made many successful movies like Cars, Toy Story, Incredibles, Monsters Inc, Wall-e


John Lasseter has a very successful life and has made many animations. He has put many hidden jokes In most of his work. He has five kids and lives in california.


John Lasseter has made pixar into a 10 billion dollar business. he wants all of his movies to have more emotion, to be sadder, happier, angrier. "You want the movies to touch people," Lasseter said, "Make 'em funny, make 'em beautiful, make 'em scary, but in the end you want that heart of the movie to be so strong.". He remade 60% of a movie to make it sadder to the people and make them angrier at the villain. 

New York Times/Business Insider

His most famous movies