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Ava's Baby Book

1. I would be ready to be a parent because I enjoy kids and love taking care of them.

2. If I was pregnant right now, I would definitely have to rely on the support of my parents and friends. I would need finacial aid and have to stay home or have my mother stay home and watch the kid while I was at school.

3. As much as I love kids, I am not ready to be a parent right now. I want to finsih high school and go to college before I have any kids.

4. At age 20 I would be more ready to have kids than I would right now, but I am planning on still being in college so I would want to wait until later. At age 30, I hope to start settling down and hopefully have started a family.

5. Hopefully I have kids when I am married, but if I got pregnant while being single, I would still take care of it either way. 

6.A lifetsyle that allowed me to spend time with kids and be happy with my everyday activites would help me be a good parent. 

Parent Readiness 

Mom was so proud! :)

You finally arrived!

Ava- Like a bird

Grace- Charm

Your Birth

After hours of having Mom in labor and pushing, you just wouldn't come out! Doctors decided to do an emergancy c-section to bring you into the world! Not exactly what mom was planning on, but either way I was so happy to have you arrive! 

Cone shaped head

Eye color is a light blue/grey. Eye color is not permanate yet.

Newborn Characteristics

Baby body is covered in laungo.

Baby has a small umbilical cord stump still attached to body but will fall off within a week or two.

Baby does not produce tears when she cries.

Face and other features may appear to be swollen, maybe even bruised, caused by the birth itself.

More Newborn Characteristics

Baby takes short breaths from the stomach area.


Baby sleeps on average 16 hours a day. ( Video on next page)

Baby girl may have white vaginal draining and/or slight vaginal spotting. This is caused by hormones from mom.

Baby has milia, or baby acne, caused by mom's hormones.

Video of baby sleeping

1. Make sure the baby is healthy and feeling well

2. Be glad the baby is not being fussy

3. Keep even an a closer eye to make sure she looks okay


Morning: My baby doesn't cry very much

Evening: You have no energy to do anything

Newborn Situations

1. Sleep while the baby is sleeping.

2. Ask a relative or friend to take care of her while you get some rest/alone time.

3. Call my mom to see what she has to say and if I should be concerned about post partum depression.

1. Wait a while to see if the baby is just not hungry.

2. Try feeding the baby breastmilk through a bottle instead of breastfeeding.

3. Call the doctor to see if I should be concerned about her being Lactose-intolerant.


Afternoon: My baby won't nurse

Morning: I would chose the solution of making sure the baby is ok and feeling well if I was in the scenerio, but also be glad that she doesn't cry much.

Evening: If I didn't have enough energy to do anything once I had a kid, my first option would be calling up a friend to watch her while I got some sleep. This would help me get rest, and I wouldn't have to worry about the baby. 

Chosen and Reason

Afternoon: Personally, I would try feeding the baby with a bottle instead of by breast, to first eliminate the possiblity that she just doesn't like to nurse that way. 

4-6 Weeks Characteristics

1. A baby is able to lift its head and turn from one side to the other when placed on the stomach. (skip to 1:35)

4-6 Weeks Characteristics

8. Baby sticks its tongue out at random times.

9. Baby has moist or sticky eyes from dischage from the tear duct.

5. Able to study things more closely as vision becomes easier to focus. 

6. Becomes more chubby, with possibly a double chin and thigh folds.

2. Reacts to a parent's voice.

4. Makes more facial expressions while sleeping.

3. Makes cooing noises.

7. A baby's posture straightens out more. 

10. Enjoys using pacifier to self-soothe

Evening: My baby refuses to eat. 

1. Try patting her baby and rocking her to calm her down.

2. Sing to her.

3. Give her a nice, warm bath.

Morning: My baby won't stop crying.


1. Call the doctor to see what he recommends.

2. Try different kinds of formula. 

3. Give the baby PediaLyte and bring them to the doctor.

4-6 Week Situations

Afternoon: Everytime I burn my baby, she spits up.

1. Review my diet to make sure its not something I am eating. 

2. Call the doctor to ask what to do.

3. Try giving her formula. If she continues to spit up, bring her to the doctor to check for acid reflex issues or lactose intolerance.

Morning: If I could not get my baby to stop crying, I would first choose to give my baby a nice, warm bath. I choose this because I know when I was a baby, I loved to take baths to calm me down. 

Chosen and Reason

Evening: In the case that my baby refused to eat, I would call the doctor and see what he recommends because I don't want my baby to suffer from being hungry by experimenting with other options. 

Afternoon: I would choose the solution of reviewing my diet to make sure what I am eating isn't messng up how the baby is reacting to the breast milk.

3. Lifts head and chest when on stomach

1. Opens and closes hand

2. Holds head steady when held up

4. Swipes hand at toys

5. Brings hands together

10-14 Week Characteristics

7. Able to recongize you

8. Wave and kick arms and legs

10. Really loves being held and cuddled with

9. Loves to grasp objects

6. Starts to babble  (See video on next page)

Baby Babbling

Morning: My baby has just had her first DPT immunization and the area is red and swollen.

1. Do research to see if this is normal.

2. Be gentle with that area and keep a close eye on it to see if swelling goes down soon.

3. Call doctor to see what he recommends. 

10-14 Weeks Situations

Evening: Since no one gets polio any more, I wonder if immunization is necessary.

1. Do research on internet, looking up pro vs. con

2. Ask parents what was done for myself.

3. Ask doctor what he says at next baby checkup.


1. Call a friend to ask for help.

2. Create a schedule to see if that helps

3. Do what I can and remember to stay calm, ask family members for help.

Afternoon: I can't keep up with laundry!

10-14 Week Chosen and Reason

Evening: I would ask the doctor for advice if I was wondering what to do. I would ask him because their are the best source of information.

Afternoon: I would choose to create a schedule to see if it helps keeping up with laundry, because schedules usually help me keep stuff under control.

Morning: If my child's immunization site was swollen, I would do some research to see if it is normal because sometimes an swollen area is normal. 

1. Supports upper body on hands

when lying on stomach.

2. Shows preference for red and blue

3. Rolls from tummy to back

4. Puts hand in mouth

5. Rocks when placed on stomach

6. Knows mood depending on speech

7. Turns head toward sound

8. Reaches out and grabs toys

9. Laughs more often

10. Starts to recognize name



4-5 Month Characteristics

Baby Flips to Back

(skip to 1:55)

1. Make sure she is in a stable condition.

2. Call the doctor to alert them.

3. Bring her to the doctor.

Morning: My baby has a rectal temperature of 104.

Evening: My baby has been constipated for the last several days and this has never happened before. 

4-5 Month Situations

1. Call a nurse. 

2. Examine for other signs of illness to try and find the cause

3. Research information for more inside on what is happening.

Afternoon: The advice my mother-in-law gave me differs strongly from what my doctor says in reference to solid foods. 

1. Get a third opinion from a friend

2. Check out what the internet and baby books say.

3.  Trust the doctor.

4-5 Month Chosen and Reason 

Morning: If my baby had a temperature of 104, I would definitely rush them to the hospital because once a baby reaches 102, they should be brought to the doctor. Something might be seriously wrong. 

Afternoon: I would choose getting a third opinion from a friend to make sure I should not be concerned if my mother-in-law brought up an issue. 

Evening: I would call a nurse of docotr if my baby became constipated, and it is uncommon. They would have the best opinion on what to do. 

6-7 Months Characteristics

-doubled weight


             -teething has began


-sitting up alone


        -eye color reaches permanent color


-may begin creeping  


       -stands with assistance


-can roll over both ways


      -begins to eat solid foods


-starts to learn simple words and recognizes more language from parents


                 - can follow a path of                                                                moving objects with eyes


Baby begins to creep

Morning: My baby loves to suck her toes, and my mother-in-law thinks it is strange. 

1. Ignore what she says.

2. Tell her it is just a phase

3. Reassure her that there are several babies who do it as well. 

6-7 Months Situations

1. Consider the idea that she just doesn't like carrots.

2. Remember to try and feed them to her when she grows a little older.

3. Try mixing them up with different types of food. 

Evening: My baby refuses to ear carrots and spits them up when you feed them to her or him. 

Afternoon: My baby seems to have no appetite. 

1. Try giving her different types of baby food.

2. Alternate back to a bottle to see if she takes that. 

3. Ask my mother for advice on what to do.

Morning: I would ignore my mother-in-law if she said something being weird about my kid because it is my kid, not hers. 

6-7 Month Chosen and Reason

Afternoon: In the case that my baby had no appetite, I would try giving her different types of baby foods before doing anything else. She may be getting sick of breast milk, or so may just not like the current type of food she is being fed. 

Evening: If my baby kept spitting up carrots, I would consider the idea that she just doesn't like carrots, but also remember to try giving it to her later. Not everyone likes carrots.

-Uses index finger to poke

- Puts objects in containers

-Leans forward to pick up toys

-Notices small objects

-Crawls well

-Points using index finger

-Imitates new word sounds more frequently

   9-10 Month Characteristics

-Drinks from a cup

-Claps hands

-Pulls up to standing position 

9-10 Month Baby Crawling

Morning: My baby is very irritable and may be constipated.

1. Review what she has eaten and see if that could be that cause

2. Look for other signs of illness

3. Call my mom and ask if what to do

9-10 Month Situations

1. Check with doctor for any possible concerns. 

2. Confront the neighbors asking them if the dog has a habit of biting or if there is a certain reason why.

3. Try to keep space between the dog and baby until she is older.

Evening: My neighbor's cocker spaniel nipped my baby on the hand. 

1. Put locks on the toilet

2. Keep the doors to the bathroom shut

3. Punish her if she continues to throw toys into the toilet. 

Afternoon: My baby is proud to have invented a new game: dropping toys into the toilet. 

Morning: If my baby became possibly constipated, I would look over what I have eaten if I was still breastfeeding, or I would see if it could be something I fed her. Something she eats is a good possiblity of causing her to become irritable.

 9-10 Month Chosen and             Reason

Afternoon: In the case that my baby keeps throwing toys into the toilet, I would put locks on the toilet. This stops her from being able to trhow stuff in there and reduces the risk of her accidently falling in.

Evening: If my child got bit by a dog, I would call the doctor first, or in my case, possibly my dad. He is educated in the field of animal health but is also educated in the health of humans, so he would be able to direct me in the right direction. 

-Climbs out of the crib

-Stands from squatting position

-Undresses herself

-Stands and walk by herself

-Throws tantrums



12-13 Month Characteristics

-Self-feeds using spoons

-Climbs up and down stairs

-Can identify animals in books

-Cares for dolls 

-Resists napping

Baby crawls out of crib

Afternoon: I feel that my baby needs more playmates.

1. Reflect on what she has been eating when this occurs.

2. Call the doctor to see what he thinks.

3. Search for any other cause of the issues and do research. 

Morning: I have noticed that my baby has had alternate periods of constipation and diarrhea for the last several days. 

1. Call the local daycare.

2. Search around town for group toddler activities.

3. Call a fellow mom/friend and arrange a play-date.

12-13 Months Situations

Evening: My baby cries when I leave her with the baby-sitter. 

1. Reassure myself that she will calm down.

2. Spend extra time letting her get to know the baby-sitter before leaving her alone. 

3. Try a different babysitter to see if the crying changes. 

Morning: I would review what I have been feeding my child if she went into the situation of alternating between diarrhea and constipation, making sure that a certain food is not causing it. 

12-13 Month Chosen and Reason

Evening: If my child cried every time I left her with a babysitter, I would try to give her some more time with the babysitter before I left the house. This would allow them to hopefully form a bond and reduce both her and my anxiety about leaving them alone. 

Afternoon: If I felt that my baby needed more playmates, I would call around town to see if there is any local group activites for toddlers. This would be a good way to get her involved with kids her age. 

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