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Different foods that people around the world eat.

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Foods nobody loves

By: Gianna Musca



Introduction    .................................       1

Haggis              ..................................      2

Guinea pig      ..................................      3

Brussel sprouts    ............................      4

Chinese 1000 year old egg   .........     5

Stink bugs       ..................................     6

Kangaroo        ...................................     7

Tuna eyeball  ...................................    8

Fried spiders   ..................................    9

Wasp crackers   .............................     10

Starfish   ............................................   11

Conclusion   ......................................   12

Bibliography  ..........................................   13



     Did you know that some people in Africa eat stink bugs and use them to season stews? Or that tuna eyeballs actually tastes like octopus? This book is about  food that few people like or nobody loves.


 Some of these foods may seem disgusting, and some might smell. And others seem strange because of its appearance.

     But most foods have bad reputations that are not based on fact.




      People don’t like to think of haggis as a treat because of the way it looks. When the haggis is cooked it has a gray color. And often a shape of a sphere. This dish has many different layers full of textures. The outer layer of haggis is crumbly and has a crunchy taste. But as you cut into the middle of the haggis it is very moist and meaty.

      Many people say that they smell is very strong and has a liver stench. People who have attempted to eat haggis have said that the flavor is bland.Haggis is a food made from a sheep’s body. In this food they take a sheep's stomach and stuff it with sheep organs. Such as the lungs, liver, kidneys and tongue. The popular way people make this food is to boil or bake the haggis.

       When you sit down at the dinner table to enjoy your haggis underneath it is usually a patch of lettuce. On the side of your plate of haggis is traditionally mashed potatoes. Also when it is served everything is isolated and in its on spot. So after you have cooked your gray haggis, you put your haggis on the plate next to a patch of lettuce and a scoop of mashed potatoes. Now you’re  ready to enjoy a traditional scottish meal.



How haggis is plated



     People do not enjoy this dish because of the way it is served and the idea of eating possibly your class pet. Believe it or not guinea pig is actually eaten in some places. Mostly in Columbia, Ecuador and, Peru.  Guinea pig is known as cuy in spanish. Many people around the world compare [cuy] to a rodent.

       Often when people eat [cuy] they cook the head and its body, sometimes the toes too.  Before it  is cooked, they remove the hair and clean the inside out. The guinea pig can be fried, oven roasted, or baked. When people eat guinea pig they often say that it has a spicy flavor. But the meat itself has a gamey taste. On the side of a cooked guinea pig is avocados, potatoes, and on top of the guinea pig is a traditional mild peanut sauce.

        If you have the guts to try this but you just can’t deal with the traditional presentation, you can go to La Gloria Restaurant where all the serve is the guinea pigs legs. After the description of a cooked guinea pig. My advice is if you want to try it, you should start small with a few guinea pig legs before you eat the entire thing.


Guinea Pig

Roasting the guinea pigs 



     According to research brussel sprout is the most hated vegetable in America. Brussel sprouts have always been remembered because of their strong odor. Usually when it smells means that it is overcooked. Even when brussel sprouts are not overcooked they still smell (mostly when they are boiled.) Many different types of brussel sprouts exist today and some brussel sprouts are even shaped differently.

     Brussel sprouts are tiny green mini cabbages. They were originally eaten in Belgium. Brussel sprouts can be cooked in different ways. For example, they can be stir-fried, steamed, and even roasted.

   When you eat brussel sprouts you get a burst of bitterness flavor. Even though they might not taste good, doctors say that brussel sprouts are full of vitamins. Such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K.

Brussel Sprouts

A fresh stalk of brussel sprouts 



      A thousand year old eggs are on the top 10 disliked foods list because of its representation, how it tastes and how it smells. A thousand year egg is popular and eaten mostly in China.This egg does not resemble a freshly hatched egg. Instead of the egg being a white color it is actually a dark gray or green color. The yolk is very hard. Since the egg is so old the egg shell creates patterns made by fungi. Underneath these patterns is a yellow-orange color. A thousand year old chinese egg is as squishy as a sponge.

     Many people who have eaten this egg before say that it taste like rich cheese. This tradition of a thousand year old egg has been around for a long time too. When this egg has reached its birthday of a thousand years it creates a strong smell. These eggs have many names. For example, preserved eggs, century eggs and millennium eggs.

  In China this a thousand year old egg is boiled for many days and possibly weeks. When people eat this dish it is popularly served alongside tofu. And sometimes people are brave enough to eat them on their own with pickled ginger root.

Is your stomach ready to take on this valuable chinese tradition?

Chinese 1000 year old egg

The interier of a 1000 year old egg 



     You might have seen a stink bug crawling around your house once in awhile but have you ever thought of putting this bug in a stew? In Africa, Australia, South America, and Mexico stink bugs are eaten. People who have eaten them say that they are mostly used to give off flavor in sauces. The flavor of this insect is a apple flavor. But many people who have attempted to eat a stink bug say that the smell is hard to get past.

    Due to the increase in stink bug population, people have been creating recipes to eat them. Such as stink bug tacos, and stink bug pate. In both cases creators of these recipes claim that stink bugs taste like cilantro. The creators have also said that stink bugs give off a good texture of crunchiness.

      In Mexico they have created a stink bug salsa. The main ingredients are tomatoes, onions and stink bugs. In mexican stink bug salsa they take the stink bugs and briefly toast it in a skillet and then pound the insect in a mortar.

   After hearing all of the delicious possibilities including stink bugs are you brave enough to try one of these recipes. If you do decide to try a stink bug make sure you cook the bug because if you don’t cook the bug and eat it while it is still alive there can be some possible diseases. And it will not be safe to eat.  


Stink Bugs 

Stink bug taco 


      Kangaroo meat is not liked because of the color of the meat, the representation and the thought of eating this big unusual animal as your dinner. Kangaroo meat is mostly eaten in Australia. Most kangaroo meat is grilled on the barbeque. There are many different versions of kangaroo. For example, you can make it into a burger, or  you can use the tail of the kangaroo and turn it into kangaroo tail soup.

      A kangaroo colors of meat ranges from bright red to dark brown. The redness of the meat is as red as blood. The taste of kangaroo is gamey and dry. This meat has taste between venison and buffalo meat. Some people say that cooked kangaroo taste like beef jerky which is also gamey and is not moist.

     Originally kangaroo meat was eaten in South Australia because there was a lack of beef, sheep, meats, pork, and chicken. As the years went on it became illegal to sell kangaroo meat in Australia. However today it is legal in America to sell kangaroo meat. You can find kangaroo on the menu at exclusive restaurants in New York.  When it is cooked it is cooked from medium rare to medium and if it gets any hotter than that it will be dry and stringy. And most likely flavorless.

     As you can see kangaroo is very different in flavor, texture and color than most meats. But if you’re in the mood to try something out of the box. There are some local restaurants nearby in New York.

Cooked kangaroo roast 


Slab of raw kangaroo 


       Tuna eyeball is very rare but it is mostly eaten in Japan and Southeast Asia. Since tuna eyeball is mostly served in sushi establishments, the tuna  eye cannot be eaten raw and will need light cooking. Tuna eyeball can be cooked in two different types of methods. Such as boiling or sauteing.

        Tuna eye has a fatty, rich flavor. People who have tried this eye say that it reminds them of squid and it has the same textures. Chefs in the kitchen of a japanese sushi restaurants say that when they are cutting the eye out of the tuna they describe that the eye is as large as a snowglobe. Other people had a different opinion on the tuna eyeball. In which they said that it tasted like raw chicken.

       Tuna eyeballs are usually eaten on their own with no special sauce on top. Tuna eyeballs are only seasoned.


Tuna eyeball 

Tuna eyeballs at a fish market 


      People refuse to try to eat a fried spider because they are already afraid to see them crawling around alive. And now people are eating them! Fried spiders are eaten in Cambodia. These spiders are deep fried and sold to travelers passing through the town of Cambodia. You might think that it is halloween over in Cambodia.  But cambodians eat these spiders on a regular basis and they are known as a treat.

        People who have ate a fried spider say that it has a crunchy texture. Other adventurers say that when they put there fork into it the spider you hear a crackling sound. Inside the spider you get a burst of goo. This goo is as green as the grass.  And once you start to chew it for awhile the spider ball in your mouth starts to get hard and you have to swallow it.

        When you cook fried spiders you have to kill the spider first. Then you remove the sharp and pointy teeth. After that all the deadly venoms and harsh things you don’t want to eat will come out of the body as it is cooked.When the spider is fried it is fried in oil and garlic. and after the fried spider is fully cooked the venom remains harmless and you can enjoy your fried spider meal.



Fried Spiders

Fried spiders for sale 


      People don’t like to eat wasp crackers because they have big fear already that a living wasp will sting them. Some people may be craving a warm doughy chocolate chip. But when you get closer you start to see insects that have decided to replace those chocolate chips. A wasp cracker is a biscuit filled with wasps. This delicious snack is mostly eaten in Japan.

        Wasp crackers are very crunchy on the outside of the cracker. But as you bite in towards the middle you start to crunch on the wasps wings and its body. Some people say that wasps taste very salty. Adventuring eaters have also said that wasp crackers remind them of honeycomb cereal. But the reason most people don’t like this cracker or would never attempt to eat this is because it is very unappetizing.

      It is not appealing for many people because you often think of a wasp as a pest in the summer. But now you see wasps stuck in your delicious biscuit. Other people are also afraid to try this new invention of a cookie because they can’t get out of their mind that they’re eating a bug and if it was still living and they ate the cookie the wasp could sting them. Now that you have heard about all the new buzz going around. Would you like to try one?


Wasp crackers

Wasp cracker ready to be eaten 


       Starfish is not liked by most people because the meat you eat inside of the starfish is gross. Usually you see a starfish stuck to the ocean floor. But in China or Japan there is a chance that you might see a starfish on your plate. Starfish are actually not a fish because it has know fins, gills or scales. A starfish fits into the category of a sea urchin.

     Starfish can be cooked in different ways or methods. For example, they can be baked boiled, grilled, or deep fried. When starfish is served; the legs of the starfish have to be opened so you can eat the meat inside of the starfish. The meat inside the starfish that is edible is also the color green. Some people have said that the color of the meat was as far as they can go. But some people tried it and they said that it is mushy and when you break it open goo oozes out. It reminds some people of an egg because it is hard on the outside, but once you smash it open the yolk of the egg oozes out.

      Before you start to cook a starfish make sure that you have the right type of starfish because there are many dangerous types of starfish that are not safe to eat. Eating the skin of the starfish is not recommended. One recipe says you can boil the starfish and when you open the leg to eat the flesh you can dip the flesh in hot sauce to give it some flavor.  



Meat eaten inside of the starfish 


        It is clear to see that some foods are strongly disliked, and not appealing, and causes nothing but sick stomachs. Crispy wasp crackers, or roasted guinea pig.  Does that sound good to you? If you’re  not that hungry you can snack on a Cambodian favorite, fried spiders. What do you think? Can you see why these foods are foods no one would ever love?





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