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 Anne Frank Video Journal

Anna Ryu and

Alyssa Vavra

By Alyssa Vavra

When the Franks and Van Daans first go into hiding, most of them do not really understand what “going into hiding” means. Anne was especially not expecting the conditions to be so structured. When Mr. Frank tells Anne that they are never allowed to go beyond the door, Anne finally realizes what “going into hiding” means. She says “Never…?Not even in nighttime, when everyone is gone? Or on Sundays? Can’t I go down to listen to the radio?” Anne is very upset that she will be cut out from the world by going into hiding, and realizes how lonely she will be. She is upset that they have to be so secluded from the rest of the world. This may be harder for Anne than any of the others to accept due to the fact that Anne is so social and spritely. As time goes on you can see that Anne really begs for fun and attention from the others. Once Mr. Frank tells Anne that they have to stay on the top floor and can not leave, Anne realizes how lonely she will be while in hiding.

The bookcase that hid the door to the attic where the residents hid

The building where the residents lived in while in hiding

A statue of Anne that is currently outside of the annex in Amsterdam

By Anna Ryu

After Anne gets reprimanded by Mrs. Frank to not play with Peter in a “not dignified” manner, Anne complains that all she wants to do is have some fun. Anne says, “I only want some fun… someone to laugh and clown with… After you’ve sat still all day and hardly moved, you’ve got to have some fun.” Mrs. Frank says to Anne that all Anne needs to do is give Peter some more time to get used to her. Then, Anne becomes exasperated and she feels that two months was enough time for Peter to get used to her. Next, Anne moves on and starts to dance. Anne tries to get Margot to dance with Anne, but Margot refuses. For a period of time, Anne just dances and sings by herself. This ordeal shows that Anne is lonely because nobody in the attic wants to dance and have fun with her. Before the Franks and the Van Daans went into hiding, Anne had a bustling social life. If Anne wanted to dance with someone, she would have easily grabbed one of her friends. Now that the Franks and the Van Daans went into hiding, Anne is not used to feeling lonely and not accepted by others. If I were Margot, I would have danced and sang with Anne. I would have danced with Anne because I would have wanted to have some fun and move around after an entire day of sitting, studying, and being mute. Also, dancing with Anne could have taken my mind off of the current situation for an interim period of time.

An empty bench that represents loneliness.


By Anna ryu

When Mr. Van Daan accusingly asks Peter if Peter has finished his school work yet, Peter replies with a no. Mr. Van Daan then says to Peter that Peter should be ashamed of himself. Then, Peter, frustrated, says that he is a dunce and a hopeless case. Mrs. Van Daan interjects and explains to Peter that he is not hopeless, and all he needs is for someone to help him just as Mr. Frank assists Margot and Anne. Mr. Frank says that Mr. Van Daan could help Peter with his studies. Mr. Van Daan replies with, “Not me. I can’t do anything with him. He won’t listen to me. You go ahead… if you want.” Then, Mr. Frank agrees to help Peter with his education. Mr. Van Daan feels lonely in this scenario because he secretly wants to help Peter succeed and feel confident in his studies, but Mr. Van Daan is afraid that Peter will reject and ignore him. Mr. Van Daan feels that him and Peter will continue to argue, and Peter is somewhat trying to isolate Mr. Van Daan from his life. Mr. Van Daan was hesitant to let Mr. Frank help Peter but ultimately decided to let Mr. Frank teach Peter. If I were Peter, I would listen and try to do what Mr. Van Daan said so we could patch up our relationship. If I were Mr. Van Daan, I would try to be more understanding of Peter and the situation that the Franks and the Van Daans were stuck in. I would try to control my rage and frustrations and not take them out on other people.

A man walking by himself represents Mr. Van Daan's loneliness.

Peter Van Daan

By Alyssa Vavra

    Towards the end of act one, the Franks, Van Daans and Mr. Dussel celebrate Hanukkah. During Hanukkah people sing, dance, cook lavish meals, and exchange gifts. Hanukkah lasts for eight days. This year, the Franks and Van Daans are not able to do this because they are in hiding. Everyone is upset because they love to celebrate Hanukkah. Mr. Dussel is the only one who has never really celebrated Hanukkah before, so he is not as upset as the others. Everyone else loved celebrating this holiday, so they feel lonely and sad because they are not able to have the joy that this holiday brings them. The Franks, Van Daans and Mr. Dussel still try to have a real celebration by singing and praying, but you can tell that it's just not the same without their family traditions. The time of Hanukkah leaves the Franks and Van Daans feeling lonely because they are not able to have the jubilation of Hanukkah as they normally do.

The menorah which is used as a religious symbol during Hanukkah.

Mr. Frank and Margot during Hanukkah in one of the movies based off of Annes' Diary.

By Anna Ryu 

    Right before the residents of the attic got captured, Anne went to Peter and had a conversation with him. First, Anne talked to Peter about how beautiful nature was and thinking yourself out of horrible situations. Peter replies that he is going crazy and that he must get out of the attic very soon. Then, Anne told Peter that she wished he had a religion. Peter said no way and that whenever he thinks he gets mad. Anne then explained that the residents of the attic were not the only ones who have suffered. Many other people have suffered in this world, but she believed that everybody had some good in them. Peter replied that what Anne said did not make him feel any better, and he wants to see a change now. Anne became increasingly lonely as this conversation went on. Anne realized that her and Peter’s views on life were very different. Anne was an optimist. Peter was a pessimist. Anne was trying to help Peter look at life positively by imposing her views on life on him. As the conversation went on, Anne realized that she could not change Peter, and that made her feel distant from him. If I was Anne, I would have gotten so frustrated that he was such a downer, and I would have flipped on him. I would have been upset for Peter because he could not see the positivity and extreme luck in his life.

 A girl sitting all by herself represents Anne's loneliness.

A sunflower represents Anne's optimism that shines through even through the darkest of times.

By Alyssa Vavra

    After all of the problems are resolved and the war ends, Mr. Frank is the only one who survived out of the people in hiding. Mr. Kraler and Miep also survived, but they were never taken away to concentration camps like the Franks and Van Daans were. The first and last scenes of the drama shows Mr. Frank after the war has ended, and he looks exhausted and heartbroken. He calls himself a “...bitter old man” and says that he can not stay in the country any longer. “I can’t stay in Amsterdam, Miep. It has too many memories for me. Everywhere there’s something...I’m not the person you used to know…” This shows  that Mr. Frank cannot contain the overwhelming amount of feeling that he feels from the memories of his family. Personally I don't think it would be hard for a lot of people to go through that, and a lot of people would probably do the same thing as Mr. Frank. The fact that he was the only one left out of all eight people could haunt him and provide loneliness every day for the rest of his life.

Mr. Frank years after the war ended

Auschwitz, which is the concentration camp that Mr. Frank was put into

The Frank family before they went into hiding

If Iwere to speak to Anne Frank, I would ask her how she always managed to stay positive through her stay in the attic and through the time that she spent in the concentration camp. I know that Anne always saw the bright side of situations because Anne said, “I know it’s terrible, trying to have any faith . . . when people are doing such horrible . . . But you know what I sometimes think? I think the world may be going through a phase, the way I was with Mother. It’ll pass, maybe not for hundreds of years, but someday . . . I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart.” This shows that in spite of everything Anne, Anne’s family, and Anne’s friends went through, Anne truly believed that everybody had a bit of good in them. Since Anne believed “that people are really good at heart,” this belief allowed Anne to stay positive through everything that she went through. I would also ask Anne how lonely she got in the attic. I could only imagine how lonely Anne was living in the attic because there were not many people that she was very close with. The play states, “Never. I am sorry, Anneke. It isn’t safe. No, you must never go beyond that door.” This demonstrates that Anne was trapped inside the attic until it was safe to go back outside. Anne was stuck with all of the residents of the attic whether Anne liked them or not. Since Anne was not very close with most of the residents of the attic, Anne felt lonely and rejected and there was nothing that she could have done about it. I have learned from the theme of loneliness that it was really difficult to go into hiding because you have to deal with the same people everyday for as long as you’re in hiding. That is really strenuous because if you are not close with anybody, you will feel lonely and isolated from the rest of the group. Loneliness is still relevant today because many people all over the world are still rejected and left out by other groups of people.

By Anna Ryu and Alyssa Vavra

Loneliness, Sea, Walk, Child,

On the other hand, a child walking by himself represents Anne's loneliness in the attic.

A bright, sunny sky represents Anne's positivity.

Fritz Pfeffer who was given the pseudonym of Mr. Dussel in Anne's diary



Mr. Van Pels who was given the name Mr. Van Daan in Anne's Diary

Mrs. Van Pels also known as Mrs. Van Daan from Anne's diary

Meip Gies, the only one still alive, at a signing for Anne's book

the frank family-
Anne Frank, the bookcase, the house, staue of anne, mr frank, auschwitz-

mrs van daan, mr van daan, mr dussel-

meip at the book signing-



A man walking by himself on a road-

A girl sitting all by herself on a mountain-


A bright, sunny sky-

A child walking by himself on a beach-

Peter Van Daan-

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