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      Gronkowski is very tall. Gronkowski is 6 feet tall. Gronkowski is cool and he is a good player. But my friend Ronan seyes Gronk stenks. Hou thinks that Gronk stenks? I have posters of  Gronk in my room. Becuase I love Gronk. I hope Gronk stayes on the patriots for ever. And I like Gronk's dances.Becuase they look very cool. Gronk's face looks funny. Gronk does funny faces when he is on the bench. I like Tom brady becuase he always throws the football at Gronk so Gronk can crush other players in the NFL. Gronk always crushes other players in the NFL becuase Brady always throws the football at Gronk. And Gronk catches everything that Brady throws. I relly liked when Gronk did that one handed catch on the Broncos. I loved that. becuase the Broncos stenk. Even thow the Broncos won the Super Bowl. And I liked that Gronk helped the patriots win the 2014 Super Bowl. I don't know why Gronk has so many girlfriends!!!! I wish Gronk does a movie about football and the Superbowl. 












And I can't belive that Gronk beat Odell this year to be on the madden 17 cover. And I cant belive that Gronk was the Super Bowl MVP!!!!!  






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And I codin't belive that Gronk was the Super Bowl MVP. And did great in the Super Bowl  49.











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Gronk is the best player in the universe.