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 Jean Vainers


High School



  •  Hand in your work on time!
  • Do your homework in class if you can.
  • Finish your homework
  • Get to class ontime !
  • Dont Skip your classes!
  • Wear your uniform
  • Make new friends ! Dont be afraid to make friends with people from diffrent schools!
  • Get Involved!
  • Try to get extra credit.
  • Time Management.
  • Make Notes.
  • Injoy yourself.

  Hints For High     School Success!

When you are in high school it is way diffrent then elementry school. In elementry school you are not as independent as you are in high school. When you are in classroom in high school you are more indpendent on doing your homework.


Some tips on how to be successful in a classroom are :

  • Take Notes.
  • Ask Questions.
  • Listen.
  • Dont talk when the teacher is talking.
  • Enter class on time.
  • Particpate.
  • Bring Paper and/or any schools supplys you would need for the class.
  • Stay of your phone in class (no texting , put phone on vibrate or silent.)
  • Dont Skip.
  • Stay organized. ( used a agenda if needed.)
  • Bring in assigments on time.
  • Dont leave work to the last minute.
  • Know what your learning ( ask Questions)
  • Try your best!!

Classroom Success 

 How to take good notes.


There are alot of ways to make good study notes or even notes, but there are always some ways that are better. Some Tips are ;


-  Use Pencil insted of pen when writing notes.


- Use line paper


- Try not to use online notes , try to make them hard copy (paper&pen)


- Try to make your own notes, dont copy.


- When the teacher is Teaching try to make notes then of certin key points.


- Always use the review if you are givin one.


- Date Everything you get.


- Coulor Code your notes to make it easier to study.

Home work is very important to do exspecaslly in High School.Some of the things you need to do are;


- Do and FINISH your homework!! because teachers will mark it and some teachers will make you stay on your lunch to do it if its not done and it would also effect your mark.


- Make sure your are orginized.


- Dont wait to the last minute to finish your homework/ project because if you do that your work wont be the best it can be.


- Try to do your homework as soon as you get home to get it out of the way.


- If you dont know what to do ask your teacher before or after class or your parents or even go on the internet to help yourself.


- Dont let work pile up.


-If you dont finish homework at home try to do it in the libary or in the students success room before your class or during your lunch.

HomeWork Skills 

Taking a test or even worse a Exam is stressfull. Most of us dont even want to go but we all must so some things to make sure you are prepared for the exam are;




- Study in Advance.


-Dont cram


- Make sure you know where you are writing.


-Make sure you have a penicl, pen, and a shaperner and everything you need plus one.


-Make sure you understand the work.


-Dont Cheat! It can lean to a 0 on your test and it can impact your grade extreamly somtimes .





Taking a Test or Exam