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Since the day of September 5, 1980, when madd started in California, this agency has been fighting drugged driving and has saved millions of lives from all over the world by encouraging a stop to this crime. Madd believes that this is a 100% preventable issue and is achieving this goal every year with hope and confidence. Lives are being destroyed everyday due to this crime, but Madd believes that if they work hard enough they can stop drunk and drugged driving and help victims everyday; help put a smile on the faces of the people who has had their life changed due to a bad choice.


Drunk Driving Deaths 1982 - 2014


Since the year of 1980, when madd was founded, an estimated of 25,000 people were killed in drunk driving car crashes each year. This agency is helping decrease these numbers every year by encouraging people to stop the drunk driving and showing us how much safer the world could be made with this stop.


Voices of Victims: Hannah Rebekah Morales


Hannah was the happiness of a room. Everyone like her because  of her enthusiasm and friendly personality. Hannah’s parents never had to worry about  her getting in trouble because she was someone who could be trusted and would never get in trouble. Hannah went to a new year's eve party on the day of December 31, 2015 with a group of friends. Underage drinking took place during the party and although people knew he had drank, the driver was not stopped from driving. At the age of 16, Hannah was killed after riding a car with a drunk driver driving over speed limit. The driver survived and was given five years of probation. Until today Hannah’s mom still wishes she would have spoken to hannah about unerage drinking that night and believe that this is a selfish act that can be preventable.


Get involved...


Help us by donating for victims of this crime. Your donation can make a difference in this world; with everyone's support and love we have been able to extend this program to the point in where lives are being saved everyday.