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There are 6 players 3 are socs 3 are greasers start at starting line and who ever gets to the end wins.


Role a die if you land on a golden square you're safe is you land on a brown square you have to pick a card and do what it says. 


Each time you rowl a die you have to pick up a question card and if you get the answers right you move up as much as it tells you to. if you get the answer wrong you move back 1 square.



Ponyboy, Sodapop and Darry are heading to the Rumble but find three socs walking by  them Sodapop makes a deal with the socs. He told the socs who ever gets to the rumble first wins.

Get to the Rumble first to win it all but be careful you may find obsticles ahead.

Royale Rumble

 Get a haircut by a soc -- get skipped 1 once           Hide from the Fuzz -- Get skipped 2 twice 

Jail-- get skipped twice if you roled a six you dont get skipped at all                        smoke a joint-- double movement  Double the     Hospital -- skipped 1 once                                                                                                                                           number of the die.


                            Questions If you get a question move up one  

1.Who is the unoffiacal leader?                                                     

2.Who is the youngest member of the gang?

3.What happened to Dally at the end of the book?

4.What condition was Johnny in after the fire?

5.What was the ordeal with Sandy?

6.What major events happen in the rumble?

7.What is the fuzz?

8.Why doesponyboy have issues with cutting his hair?

9.Why did Ponyboy cut his hair?

10.What killed Johnny?

11.What happened to Ponyboy in chapter 1

12.Who is Cherry

13.What does Cherry do?

14.How did Ponyboy's parents die?

15.Who jumped Johnny?

16.What did Ponyboy and Johnny eat in the old churh?
17.What was the book that Ponyboy and Johnny read in the old chair?

18.What weapons did the greasers use primarily?

19.Why doesn't Ponyboy fear the Socs after Dally and Johnny's death?

20.What happens during the drive-in movie with the boys?

21.What injury does Dally have after the fire?

22.Why does Randy speak to Ponyboy personnaly?

23.Why does Randy visit Ponyboy?

24.Why does the gang appreatiate Johnny?

25.Who was the author of "THE OUTSIDERS"







    3.Dally was shot down by the police.

    4.He had seirous burns and was paralyzed

    5.Sandy had left Soda

    6.Ponyboy was hit in his head during the rumble.

    7.The fuzz is another term for the police

    8.His hair represents his place in the greaser gang.

    9.To go under the rador from the police

   10.Johhny was killed by falling debris

   11.Ponyboy was almost jumped by the socs

   12.Cherry is a friendly soc who befriends the members of the greasers

   13.Cherry leaks information about the socs

   14.The Curtis parents were killed in a car accident

   15.The soc named Bob

  16.Bologna sandwiches

   17.They read Gone with the wind the time they were in the church.


   19.Its because hes fueled by dismay from the death of his family

   20.Dally hits on Cherry and Marcia but is stopped by the boys

   21.Dally's arm in permanetly burned

   22.Randy feels changed by all the deaths aruond him

   23.To speak of past events and see if he recovered from any injury

   24.Johnny is like the little brother to the gang  

   25.S.E Hinton