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Financial Aid Made Easy

When filing for FAFSA, there are few areas where it gets tricky depending on your personal circumstance. If you are 24 years old, you can apply as an independent. If your a dependent you have to decide what parent or parents you are filing with. These following visuals from FAFSA's site will help go through these two parts. If your personal circumstance goes into the grey area that FAFSA doesn't account, there is little that you can do. 


When looking for scholarships, it can be very hard to do. You have sift through so many scholarships to find one that can actual apply for. The other thing that doesn't help is the amount of scam sholarship sites that there are out there. There was really only one that I could find that was scam free and was also reccomended by FAFSA as a site that can be used. Other places that you can look at for scholarships is your colleges website. 


Grants are great soueces of income for students that are going to college. It is free money that you do not have to pay back. They are very similar to scholarships in this way and are about as selective as scholarships are as well. That being said, there are a few grants that are readily available for one to find. One of the easiest ways to file for a grant is by using pheaa or your states state grant website. When you file for this, it helps the state figure out if you qualify for any of the federaly funded grants. These grants are: The Pell grant,  FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant),  TEACH grant, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Service grant. In addition to these grants there are state grants and private grants that you can obtain. You can figure out if your eligiable for the state grant through PHEAA or state grant website. For the private grants howerver, you have to research those and apply for those seperately. 



There are three main types of loans that are federaly offered to students. They are the federal subsidized and unsubsidezed loans, and the perkins loan. The kew difference between the thee of these is there interest rates. A subsidized loan gains no interest while you are attending school full-time.  An unsubsized loan gains interest while you are in school. A perkins loan has a a fixed interest rate of 5%.  Loans are the least favorite type of financial aid for people to take, but are necessary to be there if needed help with the financial burden



One thing that is usually a guarantee, is that whatever college that you are going to, is that they offer a work study. In order to be able to have a work study you have to check of on you FAFSA that you are interested. If you are rewarded that work study in your financial aid, you also have to accept that in order to be able to get a work study job. Most colleges also have work study jobs for people who are seeking them, but thes jobs are very limitted. 

Work Study


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