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This Ad is talking about smoking. It's informing people that smoking is bad. Smoking can have many consequences and all of them are dangerous. Smoking is not healthy and the ad is trying to get people to stop smoking. The ad is telling you to stop smoking. The ad sometimes works because many people have stopped smoking. Some people are still smoking though and that's very bad. 

Drunk Driving: 

This ad is telling you to not drink and drive. It's trying to convince people that there are consequences to drinking and driving, which there are. People could get seriously injured from drinking and driving. It works most of the time because a lot of people have stopped drinking and driving. On the other hand many people are still driving under influence. There are so many bad stories about drinking and driving a lot of innocent people died and innocent animals/pets.  

Seat Belt Safety: 

This ad is telling you to wear a seat belt. It is trying to get people to wear seat belts. Some people wear seat belts so that's good. The ad is saying there are many consequences to not wearing seat belts. They include: Death, severely injured, etc.. A lot of people die from not wearing seat belts and getting into accidents. The ad doesn't work that well because many people don't wear seat belts while driving. The ad has started getting people to wear seat belts though so it is a little successful.