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rural electrification administration

It's Coming - Electricity For You 


This Administration provided funding to provide isolated rural areas with electricity

The administration was enacted in 1935 after Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued Executive order 7037. This led to the eventual creation of the Rural Electrification Administration 

The adminstration's purpse was a reilef becuse it gave money from federal loans to farmers in order for them to have electricity  

Kenneth Green

The REA today was reformed/re-organized within the United States Department of Agriculture. They were given the authorizaation to fiance the formation of telephone cooperatives, which means they were to extend the reach of telephones in rural areas. They did this up until 1994, where Congress created the Rural Utilities Service (R.U.S.). They took over the responsiblities of the R.E.A. 

The Rural Electrication Administration (or REA) was created back in 1935 after Franklin D. Roosevelt  issued Executive Order 7037.  Then, in 1936, Congress passed the Rural Electrification Act. The administartions main purpose is to provide electricity to unpopulated rural areas for farmers, they provide federal loans to build things like ultility poles and power houses. The administration is technically still around today, in 1939 the organization was reformed into a division of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.



What are they now?

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* Roosevelt was born into a rich family as an only child

* He was born on January 30, 1882

* He passed away April 15, 1945

*His presidential term was from March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945

*FDR was married to Eleanor Roosevelt

*Roosevelt passed away from Intracerebral hemorrhage

*His parents were Sara Roosevelt and James Robert I

*He started the New Deal Program

*He was part of the Democratic Party

*He served the longest term as president in history






Unemployment rate - Decrease

Government Spending - Increase

GDP - Increase 

Confidence Building - Increase

Role of Government - Increase