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5 favorite poems for AP Lit

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By: Kaylee Dyer

My Mother

Author Unknown

My Mother, my friend so dear
Throughout my life you’re always near.
A tender smile to guide my way
You’re the sunshine to light my day.

Follow Your Heart

Diksha Lohiya

I've my own dreams,
and my own desires.
Something for which I'm keen,
want to set the world on fire.

But you are the one who is stopping me,
for who I really want to be.
What you said ain't my will
and I know I don't have such skills.

You tell me to have an aim,
I have it, still you blame.
Don't expect me to be the same,
you're just bothered about your fame.

I can't keep walking on your shoes,
my dreams are something I don't want to lose.
I just want to follow my heart,
but you're letting the dreams apart.

I don't want to follow the crowd,
have a dream, heart is too loud.
I know my dream has a good scope,
I'll surely succeed, I still have hope.

At last, don't let your dreams apart,
whatever happens just follow your heart!

Your Day Has Arrived

Author Unknown

Graduation day is finally here,
And so now ends your high school career.
Always remember the friends you hold dear,
And look toward your future without any fear.

This is the day you've been preparing for
Since the day you walked through that first classroom door.
Now it is time to say goodbye,
And spread your wings - you're ready to fly.

So shed a tear and share a smile,
And be sure to remember all the while,
That although it may now be time to move on,
Today's memories will last your whole life long.


Anita's Poems

I'll take sweet, any day over sour,
Mouth-watering pastries depend on the flour.
Dessert usually comes, at the end of the meal,
Sugary sensations, the taste is surreal.

Belgian chocolate truffle cake,
Cures every single, emotional ache. 
Some may say, it's a bit too rich, 
I'm in love, I'll never switch.

How about grandma's apple pie,
I don't care, if goes to my thigh. 
When I see it, I think of heaven, 
Feel so lucky, call me Seven.