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  Cultiral diversity:

                                 US vs South Africa Image result for South africa world map

Location: Africa and The middle east     

Government: Republic

Official language:IsiZulu 

Major religion:Zion Christian

-Mostly black african




Location:North america and the caribbean

Government: constitution  

Official language:english

Major religion:protestant

Major ethnic: White



 US VS South America 

Greetings: US: Guys shake hands and keep direct eye contact . woman meet up with a light handshake or hello.


South Africa:A handshake,hugs,or kiss is the most greeting way here.


  Image result for greeting in US  Image result for greeting in south africa

Communication style:

US:Men talk in a firm manner and usually talk about sociallife or other topics.


South africa:

Communication is different here. For everyone they talk different. They speak all diffrent languages.


Image result for communication style in USImage result for communication style in south africa


     Personal space: US:Usually want 2 to 3  feet of space without no touching unless it is a family member or relative.

 South Africa:Stand close when speaking to each other.

Image result for personal space in south africa   South africa

Image result for personal space in US US




Eye contact: US:Americans like eye contact during conversations.

South Africa:Eye contact is normal.

Image result for US eye contactImage result for eye contact South africa

Class rules:  US:Class rules are serious you get in trouble then you're done you get graded from 0-100 .

Soth africa:School is usually from february to november. Follow the same scale as the US.


Image result for class rules in the US Image result for Class rules in south africa

Views of time: US:Expect things to be on time

South africa:Doesn't really care about running on time.


Image result for being on time US

Image result for south africa clock


US:For men it usually jeans or shorts and for women it's usually dresses jeans or shorts basically all diffrent things.


South africa:For men suit or pants tie and jacket for women business suit skirt or dress.


Image result for US the way people dressImage result for the way people dress in south africa

Gendder roles: US:Value men and women and usually both work.

South africa:Women are usually the ones that go out and work and men are usually left in construction business

Image result for men and woman working in the in US

 Image result for working in south africa

GIft GIving:      US:

Gift giving is usually done on holidays not usually so much at like meeting and some other stuff.


South Africa:If invited to a dinner you should always ring a gift but Like in the US it is not required to in meetings.


Image result for Gift giving in the USImage result for Gift giving in south africa

Taboos: US

Race is strict here you have to call someone a certain race to keep them from getting offended



South africa:Placing your thumb between your forefinger and second finger and pointing it at someone is an obscene gesture. 

Image result for blacs talking to whites US  Image result for south african taboos

Law and order:   US:

The drinking age is and smoking age is strict and and take it very seriously.


South Africa:Crime rate is very high and drinking and smoking isn't as strict.


Image result for US law and order  Image result for south africa law


Titles and business cards:

US:Here you usually start something with mr mrs or miss as a sign of respect when writing something.

South Africa:

It is best to address people using mr and mrs and then their  last name.

Avoid using first names until being invited to do so.


Image result for business card in the USImage result for south african business card

Gestures:   US:Okay and thumbs up means good and waving means hello and goodbye.

South Africa:by extending the arm and waving towards yourself.  Tell people to go away by waving away from yourself. And thumbs up is common.

Image result for us gesturesImage result for south african gestures




Final decisions are usually made from the top down although group consensus is valued.

Hard selling tactics are used from time to time.


South Africa:Avoid interrupting your South African counterpart as it can be seen as rude and being over eager.


 Image result for negotiations in south africa Image result for negotiations in US

Meetings:   US:It is best to be at a meeting on time sometimes even a few minutes early.

South Africa:It is good to show up on time and greet everyone in the room.


Image result for Meeting in US Image result for meeting in south africa



Teens socialize a lot but in the US usually do not socialize with many people you do not know.


South Africa:Men usually ask women out on dates and usually socializing is done at bars retrans and coffee shops and clubs


Image result for socializing in the US Image result for socializing in south africa