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Hurrying our days…
Posted on January 6, 2015 by Matthew Fraser
…to waste our nights.
So currently I’m gazing up at an ambitious full moon, and it’s hard
to place in ordinary words the tenderness with which its ambiance
has clothed me. It’s just a silver satin that has quietly fallen upon the
land…Undressing the Shakespearean costume, I’m left with the quite
simple and obvious realization, that it’s really bright. As in seriously,
sooooo bright. It’s like being given a second shot at the day, only this
time, the sun is the one begging for five more minutes. He’s sorta
awake, but it’ll do.
You probably think I’m just jaywalking around my mind right? Ha,
Au contraire!
Nope you’re quite right.
But here’s the point.Where is everybody? Doesn’t everyone want to
make the most of each day? There’s this beautiful night sky and
everyone is inside. I remember MacGyver said, “I’m a sucker for
mornings.” Each day presents us a new chance to chant to ourselves
our individual dream, or aspiration, or reason for living. But that’s
the point right? Some of us just show up for life. We have no dreams,
no aspirations, no goals,
no life
. And if we do, we don’t work on it.
must not be important then
, if you can wake up each morning
and suffer incontinence of thought as to your purpose to live, your
driving force. But what I’ve come to see is that people are no longer
cut from that historic cloth called potential, or rather they are, it’s
just that they’re double-stitched with negativity. Classic example.
“Sigh, another Monday!”
Or how about this little nugget, “Thank God it’s Friday!”
I’m confident if you’re thinking seriously, these cardboard-cutout
words are obviously evidence of a person’s retreat from life. We’re
sad that the work starts and we’re glad when it’s done? We cope by
hurrying mentally through it all. Nothing is savored, enjoyed,
nothing is really allowed to dance on our mental palate; it’s all
without purpose. But, okay, so the work day is done, but don’t waste
the night.