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At USciences first Professional Development day all employees will have an opportunity to attend a multitude of training sessions designed to enrich and develop.

There will be more than 30 sessions led by qualified USciences personnel from Academic Technology, Human Resources, the Teaching and Learning Center and other key areas, such as yadda, yadda, yadda. The USciences-led sessions are a mix

of live presentations and recorded vignettes and all will allow ample opportunity for discussion. Some

are hands-on, interactive learning experiences. In addition to the USciences sessions, there will be several sessions led by high-profile thought leaders, including a keynote address by David Friedman, who will discuss organizational culture, success and values. All offerings promise to be thought-provoking, informative and engaging. 


Special Guests

Ron Katz, Leadership Workshop


Daniel J. Friendman, Keynote Address

Key Leadership Responsibilites for Leading in Today's University Environment


Today's academic environment creates greater demands on leaders and future leaders than ever before. And some of the newest members of our workforce expect to be those future leaders in very short order. Leading and motivating staff that span multiple generations will be one of the topics addressed in this session, detailing the five things leaders can do to generate the commitment and effort the University needs to succeed from all segments of the workforce. We’ll also highlight the single most important thing all leaders must do to develop both themselves and their people.


Leadership Expert

Ron Katz


David Friedman is the former President of RSI, an award-winning employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm in Philadelphia area.  He is a frequent guest speaker and seminar leader on organizational culture, leadership and values.  A best-selling Author and a Graduate of William & Mary with a degree in Philosophy.


Fundamentally Different – Is the organizational culture just a New Age obsession that distracts  us from the real work of business?  What role do values play in organizational success? How can we create greater consistency between the values we say are important and the ones that actually show up in the routine behavior of our people?  What’s the most important common denominator found in all dysfunctional organizations and how can we avoid it?


Keynote Speaker

David J. Friedmam

Session 1

Four tracks A, B, C & D






A1-1  Microsoft Office, A. Esposito









A1-2   Working with Images, D. Ryan










A1-3   Panopto, R. Cosgriff

Session 1   10:15-11:00am




B1-1  Getting Stuff Done, D. Graham









B1-2   Managing Difficult Conversations, R. Jones











B1-3   Business Writing, J. Everett

Session 1   10:15-11:00am





C1-1  Critical Thinking









C1-2   Learning Process Design





























D1-1  Time Wasters









D1-2   Promoting Social Responsibility












Session 2

Four tracks A, B, C & D





















A2-1  Using the iPad, J. Evanick









A2-2  Active Data Calendar, R. Cosgriff










A2-3   GoTo Meeting, R. Murray

Session 2   11:15am-12:00pm




B2-1  Leadership Workshop, R. Katz









B2-2   Communication Strategies











B2-3   Time Management




















C2-1  Inter-Professional Education









C2-2  Effective and Fair Grading












Session 2   11:15am-12:00pm




D2-1  Defusing Bully Behavior





















Session 3

Four tracks A, B, C & D





















A3-1  Working with Images, D. Ryan









A3-2  Blackboard, J. Evanick






 A3-3  Usint Evernote, R. Cosgriff












Session 3   1:30-2:15pm




B3-1  Leadership Workshop, R. Katz








B3-2 Business Writing, J. Everett










B3-3 Managing Difficult Conversations, R. Jones


























C3-1  Self/Peer Student Assessment









C3-2  E-Communication






C3-3  Academic Publication














Session 3   1:30-2:15pm




D3-1  Faculty Evaluations

























Session 4

Four tracks A, B, C & D





















A4-1  Online Course Development, A. Esposito









A4-2  Using the iPad, R. Cosgriff






A4-3  Microsoft Office, A. Esposito














Session 4   2:30-3:15pm






B4-1  Communication Strategies









B4-2  Time Management









B4-3  Leadership Workshop, R. Katz

























































C4-1 Promoting Student Engagement








C4-2  The Flipped Classroom



















Session 4   2:30-3:15pm






D4-1  Assessment Results










Many thanks to the 

Professional Development Day Committee

Michele Albert

Phyllis Blumberg

Andrew Esposito

D.A. Graham

Rosalie Jones

Mark Nestor

Donna Ryan