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Boston Massacre


Alex Handler and Annabel Metzger



Introduction- chapter 1                                                            Causes- chapter 2             

What happened- chapter 3                               

Important people- chapter 4                                                 Effects- chapter 5              

Conclusion- chapter 6             

Glossary- chapter 7                                                                  

 Index- chapter 8                                                        

 Letters 1 and 2-chapter 9

 Map of the Boston Massacre-chapter 10



Table Of Contents

 Have you ever heard of the Boston Massacre? If you haven’t, read this book to find out! This terrible tragedy happened on March 5, 1770 near the Old State House on King Street in Boston Massachusetts. The colonists were very mad about the Townshend Acts and they didn’t want to pay taxes on goods such as tea, paper, sugar, and glass so at night the angry colonists came down near the old state house and were very disturbed by the British Soldiers!


One of the causes of the Boston Massacre was a Redcoat (a British soldier) pushed down a citizen and then the Redcoats and the colonists got into a fight. Another cause of the Boston Massacre was the colonists were mad about paying taxes. The colonists said,  "No taxation without representation." This means that the colonists felt that it wasn’t fair to have taxes without a say. They wanted to pay no more taxes.


The thing that happened at the Boston Massacre was that the colonists were angry about the taxes. The colonists were throwing sticks at the the British. Captain Thomas Preston ordered his men not to shoot but one of the colonists threw a stick at one of the British soldiers. As the soldier got up from the ground he fired with his gun. There was a pause. It was so quiet that you could hear crickets. Then in confusion, the British soldiers started shooting, and killing people. Paul Revere's engraving convinced people that the British soldiers were smiling while shooting as if they didn’t even care.

What Happened? 

Paul Revere's engraving

There were very important people in the Boston Massacre. For example a man named Crispus Attucks was an African American former slave who died in the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks is remembered as one of the first people to die for American independence. Another important person in the Boston Massacre was John Adams. John Adams was one of the Boston’s leading attorneys at the time and he defended the British soldiers involved in the brawl. A third important person in the Boston Massacre was named Josiah Quincy. Josiah volunteered to defend captain Preston and his men at court.

Picture of Crispus Attucks


Important People 

Picture of John Adams

Picture of Josiah Quincy

There were many negative effects of the Boston Massacre. For example three men died immediately and two men died later  and six people were wounded. Two men were found guilty of manslaughter, branded on the hand, and then released. The worst thing was after this tragedy, no matter what, the colonists were still forced to pay taxes!!!!!



In conclusion, the Boston Massacre was a terrible event But after all the wars that happened after this we now have freedom in the country... AMERICA!!!!!!! 




Pictures of Colonial American flags

Brawl-a fight

Negative-a word or statement that expresses denial,dissagreement,or refusal

Taxes-extra money that goes to the goverment.

 Wounded- seriously hurt or injured








 Crispus Attucks, John Adams and Josiah Quincy  6    

 Paul Revere 5,11

 Redcoat 3,4,5,7,11



Dear Aunt Suzie,

I just want to say how aggravated I am with these disturbing Patriots! Why don’t I think

highly of these patriots? I feel that there should be taxes but they don’t. A big fight just happened last week you probably already heard of it and was worried about me but I am fine. If you don’t know what it was it was a fight between me the (Loyalists) and the Patriots. The colonists were very mad at us for telling them they had to pay taxes. So we got in a fight. They think we are being unfair! Can you believe it! Anyway I am fine. Write me back to tell me what you think!


Annabel Metzger


 Letters 1 and 2  

 Dear Mr. Jer III. There was this terrible fight that my friend Paul Revere called the bloody massacre just happened and it was terrible. We Patriots didn’t want to pay taxes, I mean come on why would anybody want to pay more people should pay less. The British and Loyalists say that people should pay taxes so that the British could make us safe. I think that’s wrong. The british have been treating us like prisoners and making us feel miserable. I just want to have freedom.


From, Alex  Handler  

Map of the Boston Massacre