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A Lynx life

I woke up to the sound of hooves. The sound so Unbearable loud. I looked out of my home and saw a herd of Elk being hunted by a pack of wolves. I see one elk go towards the stream limping I’m going for the kill. I find a bush by the stream were he can’t see me. I guess I’ll go for a pounce on his neck when he leaves. I pounce on his neck and take him down from a bite on his neck. I chow down on him till I’m full and drag it back to my hole and take a nap. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTHUMP THUMPP THUMPP WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!!!! I look out and see a man chopping at a nearby tree with a stick like thing. I’ve seen them walk around here before but I’ve never seen them do this weird thing. I guess I’ll take a few bites of my Elk kill. THUMPP. I figure I’ll spy on him for a while and observe him. I look and notice the tree were he was at is no longer there and he’s at a different tree. After about 2 minutes the tree tilts and falls as he yells, “Timber!!!” I duck as the tree falls next to me and almost flattens me. I then proceed to growling at the man till he leaves. I then go to sleep…


I woke up to revving noise and looked outside to see the man again but with a chain like thing that cuts the trees down faster and in about a minute the tree falls and he yells “Timber”. As the tree falls he notices me and runs leaving the tree behind where I find to bird nests and a squirrel. I take the bird eggs and notice the squirrel started moving, I go to investigate the squirrel. When I get there I notice the squirrel has a bunch of broken bones and looked like he was starving. I drag him to my home and go out to get him some apples. I find a tree pretty fast and its covered in apples. I go home and feed the squirrel and then I saw him. The hunter with a rifle aimed at my head. I watch as he loads it then pulls the trigger as it all goes black.



        The Sad Ending.


The Next Day