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The Dominoes that set off the Revolution


by Emily and Kyler









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Table of Contents


1... Introdution


2...3The French and Indian War


4...5 The Stamp Act


6...7 The Boston Massacure


8..9 the Boston Tea Party


10...11 The Intolorable Acts










Have you ever wondered how the revolutionary war started? It all started with one silly war about land. The Brithish goverment wanted land that the French had, so one day the British set of to the French and and planned a attack. when they got threre the French and British colonies started a fight that soon became a war. The British won the war but they went over their budget by far. So King Geoge the 111 started to tax the colinists. the colinists did not like this idea so King George only put a tax on thier beloved drink tea! The colinists did not like it one bit.


King George sent a few soilders to the colonists houses to collect their taxes. Sudenly a colonist shouted to a soilder " hey lobsterback! You should work as a toilet cleaner!" The soilder got very mad at the comment. Then a fight started and a crowd gathered. The colinists started throwing snowballs and rocks at the soilders. The genaral said "hold ye'r fire!" but someone thought he said "fire!" so he shot and killed a colonist. Soon after the lobster backs shot more bullets and 5 conists were killed in the fight. That dreaded fight was called the boston massacure then came the intolorable acts they were horrible things that the king did.







The French and Indian war

One simple day the British King and his goverment wanted almost all of the land the French had. So they went on a journey to the French land. When the British arrived the French refused to give the british their land. The british were prepared thaugh. They started shooting guns at the French colonists. George Washington was one of the soilders shooting ammunition. He had the genaral at his side. However the French also had a few tricks up their sleves. They scatterd in the green forest. The french started shooting over and over again. Many lives were lost. One of those lives belonged to the genaral. Geogrge Washington knew that the British needed a new war setup.


So soon after the British came back to the French land, With George Washington leading. The French thought they would win the round again but George found a battle setup that the French could not defeat. The colinists wrere involed in the fight too. They helped supply things to the soiders. Some even fought! The British was finally winning the battle. ( Thanks to George Washington!) All the people were happy that they won more land from the battle. However the colonists celabration did not last for long. The King went way over his bugdget and thats when the next domino fell...


Many colonists were apart of the dredful war too.

The French and indian war was a violent war. The british faced the French and the indians

The British were losing at first but they came back and won anyway.

  The Stamp Act


   King George the 111  went over his budget and he needed somebody to pay for the war. So the vain king thought " why not let the colonists pay for the war? After all they were in the war right?" So with thought he started taxing the colonists to pay for the war. The colinists did not like the idea of paying for the war. After all King Georoge was the one who wanted the land in the first place. The colonists started to say " No taxation without representation!" So the King took away almost all the taxes due to the colonists protest. The one tax that King George did not take away was the teatax.


   The colonists were over the top angry. Tea was the most popular drirnk of the time. So they had to pay for the drink that they had every day! the colonists grew restles. They could not bear the idea of paying more than they should for their favorite drink! It was pretty smart on King Georges behalf but he couldn't brag about it for long. THe colonists hated King George now. Well most of the colonists. some of the colonists stayed loyal to King George others did not. They were called patriots. And these patriots were starting to get woried that they would lose their freedom. Because of the tea tax a lot of tea bussnises closed down. The colonists that owned bussnises were not happy. Then a colonist shouted  something insulting that made the next domino fall...

Many Lpyalists became Patriots because of the stamp act

The colonists hated the stamp act so much they started fighting!

The stamp act only made colonists more angry with Britan

The Boston Massacre


One day the colonists found out that the British Lobster backs were coming to check to see if they were paying thier taxes. The patriots were in a outrage! The loyalists were actully quite happy with this. For they loved the king and they always sided with him. So when the british soiders arived the patriots wouldnt allow them to do anything! So the soilders got very mad and then out of the bule....


sombody shouted "You should work as a toilet cleaner!!" many colonists nearby agreed. the colonists crowded around the poor soilder and started to throw snowballs and rocks at him. More soilders came and the more peolple came, the more danger there was. So the British genaral said " hold ye'r fire!" however one solder thought the genaral said "fire!" so he did. then the everyone began to shoot. 5 inocent colonists were killed including a man named Cripus Atticks. He did many good things for the patriots, and so because many were killed the patriots retreated. A man by the name of Paul Revere illistrated a picture puswading people that the British were evil.He also wrote a beutiful poem about the bloody massacure. 




This bloody event called the Boston Massacure was an simple misake the captin yelled'' Hold your fire.''But one of them thought that they he said ''Fire''and thats how the boston massacure happend.


Paul Revere illistrated a picture of his side of view on the Boston Massacure A.K.A the bloody massacure

During the boston massacure 5 inesent colonists

The Boston Tea Party


The Boston Tea Party started when the british taxed the colinest for their beloved tea so that they could pay for the very expencive war. But to the colinest thought it was wrong for the British to make them pay for the peolple that they dont even want to win. So one night a bunch of patriots discised themselves as Mohalks and sneked onto the ship that had all of the tea.They started tossing tea boxes into the Boston Harbor. The colonists (Mohawks) shouted " Boston Harbor will be a tea pot tonight! " So they celabrated as they dumped the precios British tea into the harbor.


 When the British relized what the patriots where doing they went into a outrage! The patriots baraley escaped the British army! Ben Franklin was one of the men on the boat so in england  he was said a tratoir to the british King George the 111. Ben Franklin left England and he went to the colonyies. New York the center of all the colonies follwed bostons lead and they too dumped precious British tea into the clear blue sea. After the tea party the king did many things the colonists did not like and down fell another domino....







The Intolorable Act


After the Boston Tea Party the colonists were very pleased with their selfs and of what they did, but their plesant celebration did not last long. After hearing what happened the king had a  outraged! He did a ton of bad things to the colonists those things were called the intolorable acts. The intolorable acts were a name the patriots used to call the sireis of horribile  laws passed by the king and british parlament in 1774 after the boston tea party. They were ment to punish the colonists. In Great Britin they were called the Coervercive Acts. One horible thing is that Boston Harbor was closed!. Making it very difficult for mercants to sell good to other people because they didn't have cars they had sail boats.


The second law placed massachesetts under millitary rule. Wich the colonists were not pleased with, for they wanted their own millitary. The thired law protected British officals who were acused of crimmes in the colonies. The colonists were fourious!The fourth law said British soilders could be housed in the colonists homes. Some patriots hated the idea. Others let the British in, for they used the British soilders to get information! Another law passed in 1774 gave an area of land west of the 13 colonies to Quebec. Then the declaration of indapendace came and a ton of  famous patriots singed it and the colonists were free of teh intorable acts. Since the declaration of indapendance was aproved the 13 colonies became the U.S.A.




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Of course the patriots won, but if the British won the battle we probably wouldnt be the same contry we are today. Before 1776 most colonists didn't want to be free from Britin they just wanted Britin to do something about ntheir commplaints. But the more fighting there was the more colonists wanted to break away from Britin. Some of our very first battles were like the Battle of Lexingtog and the Battle of Bunkerhill. And all of the fighting led up to the final battles that took place in South Carolina, and all this silly fighting endedid October 19, 1781. And to top that, a peace treaty was sighned September 3, 1783 in Paris, France. It was called The Treaty Of Paris. That treaty made the U.S.A a free independent country. And because of all of this silly fighting the U.S.A became what it is today. Who Knew that fighting could create a wonderful, peacful, loving nation?





1. Revolutionary war a war between the British and the Patriots


2. Colonies the places were the colonists lived


3. Colonists what the people who lived in the colonies were called


4.  Boston Massacure a big war that the Patriots lost


5. The Intolorable Acts laws that the king made to calm down the colonists


6.George Washington the comander of the Continentil army  and the First President of the United States


7. Ammunition Bullets


8.  Repretiontation You rrepresent you or you state/contray/town


9. Restles very angry










King George, 1,6,10


Mohalwks, 4