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Great Britain
Summer 2017
We have been looking forward to this visit for a really long time. We
can’t wait to welcome you and make sure you have an amazing time in
Great Britain.
Your Guide to Great Britain
Dear Pedro,
Your untie Fatima & uncle Jorge,
together with your parents, have
organized for you an amazing plan
for the summer holidays 2017.
We hope that you have been
paying attention to your English
lessons and have practiced your
English regularly, you are going
to need it.
Fatima & Jorge
Your base camp ……….
Legoland ……………….
London ……………….
Cornwall ………………
Your base camp .- 114 Trico House, Brentford
Your base camp durng your stay in London will be in Brentford,
a town in west London, England, at the confluence of the River
Brent and the Thames.
From Great West Quarter, where Trico House is located, you can
easily travel by bus and tube to Central London.
Legoland.- Saturday 1
& Sunday 2
of July
If you love playing with Legos, you will go crazy at Legoland.
Castles, small villages,
people, farm animals,
renown buildings and
everything you can
imaging build with the
tiny bricks.
They have used over 55
million Lego bricks to
build this theme park
Do you dream of
becoming a knight,
an explorer, a test
driver or a pilot and
entering into a
fascinating world
of adventure?
Windsor Resort there are over 55 rides and
attractions where you can fly through the treetops to escape
fearsome dragons, ride the thrilling rapids with a Viking fleet, join
divers on a magical underwater adventure on Atlantis
Submarine Voyage or enjoy the UK’s only LEGO
Star Wars
Miniland Model Display
Map & Explore
Ready, set, explore! What will you
do first? Conquer The Dragon or
get your driver’s license at Fiat
Driving School?
These are some of the attractions
You can find them all in this park map so you can plan your visit
You won’t have a minute to spare!
And so you don’t miss anything, you will have two full days to
enjoy Legoland
You will be staying the night at the Legoland Hotel Resort
Yours is the Kingdon Room
So you can be a
Knight for a day
One room for
you and
Nazaret, one
for mum and
dad. They can
be King and
Queen also for
one day
Mum will love
that, don’t
you think?
London.- Monday 3
to Friday 7
of July
Have you had enough
excitement? Noooooooo?
Here comes London!!!
So much to do, so little
Big Ben, House of Parliament, Picadilly Circus, National Gallery,
British Museum, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Buckingham
Palace… and lots more
Cornwall Saturday 8
to Saturday 15
of July
Cornwall is a land with a spectacular coastline by the Atlantic
Ocean, renown for Land's End, beautiful harbors and wide sandy
beaches. Now, it time to relax
We hope you have a great time!
Lots of Love
Fatima & Jorge