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It  Can Wait

It Can Wait is a campaign sponsored by At&T to stop distracted driving.

So far 21,080,316 people have pledged to keep their eyes on the road, and not be distracted to whats happening around them or their phones, and the number is growing by the second.

What Is It Can Wait?

Many people pledge to decrease the risk of them or their loved ones being killed or injured in an accident.

Everyday In the US alone there is an average of nine deaths and 1000 injuries due to distracted drivers.

Why People Pledge

The reason Gabby Douglas pledged

Whats Being Done And How To Help

Many states are enforcing laws making it illegal to be on your phone while driving. If you are in the car with a distracted driver you can take their phone or tell them to put it down. AT&T has an app that will not let you text while in a car and sends automated messages saying you can't reply because you are driving.