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Bring yoga into life - Versatile, Expressive & Sustainable Yoga Clothing for you 

Hanuman Yoga Clothing was founded by Minhee Cha.Developing a fabric that transformed an everyday plastic water bottle we so readily use and flippantly dispose of. I wanted to create a collection that encapsulated a Butterfly Effect embodying the concept that a small change in one place in this complex world can have a large effect somewhere else

Giraffe Neck Cardigan


Our longest cardigan wraps you in the flowing softness. With slender long sleeves and a hip-skimming back, this wrap features squared front panels that extend to mid-calf. 


Bat Wing Cardigan


Featuring long, lettuce-edged sleeves, this wrap is hip length in back with extended front edges. You can tie it front or back, high or low, twist it, cross it, or let it flow.

Elephant Ear Cardigan


With slim long sleeves and a draped neckline, this wrap is hip length in back and has extended square panels at the front like the elephants ear.


Halfmoon Cardigan


A gorgeous half-moon of our modal fabric forms the basis for this fabulous topper with endless versatility. Long sleeves give you coverage as you wrap and drape it to your heart’s content.

Necklace Cardigan


An unique cardigan with an incredible, versatile and innovative design, like hanging a piece of necklace fabric. With so many ways to tie and wear it, or simply by looping the cardigan over your neck.

Swan Feather Cardigan


With our material, you may experience an unexpected comfort and softness.  A wide range of wraps can be styled by just a piece of cardigan, simply by tying, twisting and crossing the fabric in different positions.

Blueberry Hoddie


Sleeveless long top with an elegantly draping neckline that can flows into a hood. Featuring a kangaroo pocket on the front. 

Double Layered Top


Solid and pattern looks unite in this stylishly reversible. Two looks in one: Wear it with the solid side and can reverse it to the pattern side.

Line Tank Top


The line tank top departs from the usual by matching a curved solid-color front and back with a totally coordinating pattern on the sides

Papaya Tee


Look feminine and provocative in this charming top that has a wide scoop neckline with keyhole cutouts at the back. Long. dolman sleeves and over all wedge silhouette give extra style.

Peach Tee


Here’s the basic tee updated in our signature burnout print fabric for a light and lacy look. Slim fitting with a very neck and three quarter sleeves.

Double Layered Dress


Casual cool, simple and regular loose fitting lines of this Maxi dress reveals a slash of color with layered construction. Perfect for everyday activities.

Audrey Capri – Vintage Orchid

Audrey Capri – Spirits

Audrey Capri – Graceful Motion

College Tote Bag


The images for this tote were part of a collaboration with Yoga Journal in New York City with the photographer Wari Om. This bag is a perfect fit for the Hanuman Traveler Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat


Hanuman Yoga Mat is made entirely from recycled natural rubber and in our unwavering commitment to creating luxurious eco collections, our production ensures zero waste

Perfect Combination - Lenzing Modal and
Recycled Plastic Bottle
No need iron
Quick dry
UV protection
Lenzing Modal®
Natural growth - Raw material beech wood
No artificial irrigation or planting is required
Completely natural and sustainable source of raw
Beechwood from
sustainable forestry
Multiplication of
stock due to
More than half of the
wood comes locally
from Austria used
Consumes less fossil energy than synthetic fibers and
Carbon neutral; the fiber does not contribute to global
Production process consumes 10 times less water than
cotton irrigation
Does not have a significant contribution to ozone layer
depletion, human toxicity, pollution of soil, smog
formation or eutrophication
The aggregated score of the total environmental impact
of Lenzing Modal® is only 3% that of cotton
Lenzing Modal®
Recycled Plastic Bottles
Plastic bottles labeled with the No.1 on the bottom are
the same chemistry make-up as polyester
Less petroleum and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses,
helping to conserve precious natural resources
The fabric created in the process looks good, feels soft
and is easier on the environment
Washing guide line
Hand wash
Wash Modal on gentle cycle using cold water and cool rinse
Use the amount of detergent necessary for your laundry
load size and machine
Modal maintains high durability and strength when wet
Avoid using chlorine bleach with Modal. It can be sensitive
to dyes and highly potent cleaning agents
Washing guide line
Delicate Wash
Remove your Modal items from the washer and put them
in the dryer using the Low-Dry or Tumble setting
While Modal can withstand the Permanent Press cycle,
avoid drying it on high for an extended period to prevent
melting of any trim or embellishments
Washing guide line
Do not Iron
Hang Dry
NOT suggested to Layered clothing with worn on the top
of Hanuman Yoga Clothing
Like wool /cotton Jacket or coat or even Cotton Fabric Bags