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If you give Kennedy a tuba...

If Kennedy plays the tuba, then she will want to be in the band.

If she is in the band then, she will have morning practice.

If she has morning practice,then she will have to wake up early.

If she wakes up early, then she sets an alarm.

If she sets an alarm, then she is on her I pad.

If she is on her I pad, then she finished her homework.

If she finished her homework, then she went to school.

If she went to school, then she had class.

If she had class, then she did work.

If she did work, then she got grades.

If she got grades, then she got a progress report.

If she got a progress report, then she showed her parents.

If she showed her parents, then they were happy.

If Kennedy plays the tuba, then her parents will be happy.