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This is a journal of what students are doing in the science classroom.

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Topics this year:



Newton's Laws





-Some fun ways that students have learned about potential and kinetic energy is through roller coasters.  To remind your student about kinetic and potential energy ask your student about roller coasters and the energy transformations occuring on them. 

Physics Journal

-This unit the students have been learning about energy. We have been discussing kinetic and potential energy, energy systems, and energy transformations.  The students have also been researching different types of electrical generation plants and the advantages and disadvantages of each type.  Through this research the students are becoming more informed citizens on energy issues that are being discussed in the world.  

Power plant research-the students have been researching different power plants as a group and making a presentation for the class.

Here are a selection of projects the students have done in the classroom.  The hands-on projects are helping students to visualize the science that is occuring and allowing them to work as a team in a creative process.

Student Projects

Heat transfer-the students have been observing and describing different types of heat transfer (shown above-convection).

Energy coasters-the students designed and made roller coasters to measure the potential and kinetic energy that a marble would have rolling down the coaster.

-The students will be doing a unit on circuits in two weeks.  If you have any unusable technological devices (old flashlights, VHS players, etc.) that you would like to remove from your house please send them to school with your student.  The components in the devices will be used to help students make their own circuits.

-Remind your student to study for the end of unit test which will be on Friday March 3rd.  Your students can best study by doing the practice problems and explaining the science terms to another person if possible.

To check your student's grade go to PowerSchool.


Coming Up

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