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ABR®, CMRS®, Broker #
I have a passion for real estate. I have lived in Charlotte for
almost 20 years and have a great knowledge of everything the
city has to offer. My diverse career background has enabled me
to give excellent customer service, both in North and South
Carolina. I lead my team and we represents buyers, sellers and
investors on a day-to-day basis. I am a very skilled communicator
who negotiates relationship-building business agreements
resulting in a win-win situation for all parties involved.
NC / SC real estate license since
Active sales leader in the Charlotte office
CMRS Certified Military Residential Specialist
Accredited Buyers Representative
Highgarden Real Estate
7239 Pineville-Matthews Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226
704-604-8836 cell
I pride myself on creating long lasting relationships with my clients, My utmost
goal is to help my buyers make wise Real Estate purchasing decisions. In doing
this I have to be honest, forthright, and sometimes point out negative things the
buyer cannot see. This is all done to achieve the goal of making a wise Real Estate
purchase and a wise Real Estate investment.
I offer my clients the highest level of service by providing them an in-depth
analysis of their needs, their wants, and of course what is realistic for them. I
offer personal service and I do not hand my clients off to anyone. Communication
is the key to our success working together as a team.
Once I have completed the analysis I then provide my clients with ongoing
research and information to give them the most options and choices that are
available. I never rush my clients and I let them know from the beginning that this
process may be quicker than they expected or take much longer than they
expected. Either way, I am with them until they reach their goal.
My Commitment
to you
Needs Analysis Interview
Customized Communication Plan-see details on
following page
Assistance with Lender Pre-Approval
Computer Property Match and Email Notification
Personal Home Tours with Itinerary & Listing Details
Preview Property and Provide History when available
School Resources and Neighborhood Information
upon request
Comparative Market Analysis on property prior to
making an offer
Writing a contract that will protect you
Offer Presentation & Negotiation in person when
Coordination with Inspector, Title Company & Closing
Agent to make sure your accepted offer closes
My services and commitments for
buyers include:
No two clients are the same, and I don't expect everyone to like the same type of communication!
Some buyers like to be communicated with daily, some weekly. Some via phone, some email and
some in person. When communicating with me, here’s what each option looks like:
We'll talk weekly (but also
immediately if needed)
when new Iistings come on
the , market (or have a price
reduction). I’II also email you
the listings and then give you
a call so we can make a plan
to see the listings that
appeal to you.
My Phone Communication Plan:
I will send you listings daily
or weekly via email, You and I
will communicate online
about the ones you would be
interested in looking at, and
schedule an appointment to
see them.
My Online Communication Plan:
We'll meet on a weekly basis - or
perhaps more often- if something
comes, on the market that I think
fits your Criteria to a,"T
. We Will
sit down and I will show you a
preview of the homes that meet
your needs, then we will make a
plan to go out and tour them.
My Live Communication Plan:
As your Realtor, I agree to the following:
Discuss agency relationships and give you a copy of the law of real estate agency
Arrange a free no obligation pre qualification meeting with a lender if requested
Provide regular communication during the entire transaction
Search the multiple listing services on a regular basis for homes that meet your
Represent you with any builder or developer of your choice
Negotiate the purchase of any “for sale by owner
Arrange for private showings
Discuss strategy about the offer price, financing turns, interest rate and
possession date
Provide buyer with Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on property selected by
Prepare an offer on the property of your choice and negotiate with the seller
Help you arrange for inspectors during the inspection phase of the negotiations
Guide you through the escrow process to a successful close
Personally attend signing with buyer
The Buying Process is one that has many different steps. It is not
sim- ply a matter of finding a house, writing an offer on it, taking
money to closing, and moving in. There are many important steps
that must be adhered to and listed below are the most-important
ones. IUs my job to orchestrate the successful execution of each
one of these steps:
1. Getting Pre-Approved by a Lender
2. Determining your wants and needs
3. The Search Begins
4. Reanalyzing your wants and needs
5. The Search Continues Previewing Properties
6. New Properties on the Market
7. Proactive Search
8. Determining Your Offering Price
9. Writing The Offer
10. Negotiating With The Sellers
11. Home Owners Association
12. Title Commitment
13. Inspection Resolution
14. Appraisal
15. Signing the paperwork
16. Closing
17. Possession
Once we make an offer on a
home it is my job to make sure
that your offer is carefully
executed, every detail of your
transaction is completed, and
adheres to the strict time
schedules of your contract.
I will be providing you with a
Pending to Closing calendar once
we have mutual acceptance on
your home. In this calendar you
will see tasks that will be shown in
either red or black. The black will
represent all the tasks that I will be
completing for you and the red will
show you any tasks you need to be
concerned about. (For example:
Your closing date) This calendar is
provided as a visual display of the
important dates of your contract.
Additionally, the following items are all
part of the pending to closing process:
The Offer and Contract
When the offer has mutual acceptance, I
deliver copies of the fully-signed contract to
all parties, including the dosing agent
If not part of the contract, I'll return a
.signed copy of Seller Disclosure Form to
listing agent.
I'll record and promptly deposit your earnest
money and due diligence money.
I'll provide copies of the signed contract for
the office file.
I'll track all dates in the contract, making
sure that you are meeting all agreed-to
Tracking the Loan Process
I’ll touch base with you weekly to ensure
you loan is processing on track. I’ll relay
final approval of your loan application to
seller’s agent.
I'll coordinate your professional
home inspection.
I'll review your home inspectors
report and discuss issues with
I'll draft an inspection response to
sellers based on your requests; work
Hems with' seller' s agent and seller.
I’ll recommend' contractors to
perform any negotiated or required
I'll oversee the completion of au
required' repairs on your behalf, if
Home Inspection
I'll confirm with your lender that
appraisal is scheduled.
I'Il follow up with you and your
lender on the status of. the appraisal.
I'Il.alert the seller's agent when the
appraisal has been completed.
The Appraisal
Additionally, the following items are all part of
the pending to closing process (Cont’):
I'll confirm you have received the title insurance
I'll coordinate the closing process with you, the seller's
agent arid escrow company
I'll update closing forms and files.
I’ll ensure all parties have all forms and information needed
to close the sale.
I’ll coordinate the closing location with you and the closing
I’ll work with the sellers agent in scheduling and conducting
your final walk thru prior to closing
I’ll request final closing figures from the closing agent.
I’ll receive and carefully review closing figures to ensure
accuracy of preparation.
I’ll request a copy of closing documents from closing agent.
If a Home Warranty was purchased, deliver claim
forms/directions to you.
I’ll review all closing documents carefully for errors
If you’re buying and selling, I’ll coordinate this closing with
your sale (if necessary) and resolve any timing problems.
Closing Preparations and
Many buyers do not fully understand
the home-buying process and the
role of a real estate agent. Here are
some of the most often questions
agents receive from buyers.
A “buyer agency agreement” is a contract
between a buyer and a real estate agent.
Contracts can vary in length, and can include or
exclude certain geographical areas. The buyer
agency agreement lays out the commitments of
the buyer to the agent, and of the agent to the
What is a “Buyer Agency
The compensation that a buyers agent (also called the
“selling agent”) receives typically comes from the
sellers proceeds, and that information is provided in
the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). In such a case, there
is no cost for a buyer to be represented by a agent.
If a buyer is interested in purchasing a property not
listed in an MLS, it is possible that the seller will not
compensate the buyers agent. In the case, a buyer
agency agreement would detail the buyers obligation
to compensate their agent. Typically, even with
unlisted properties, the seller compensates the
buyers agent.
Is it Expensive to use a
Buyers Agent?
“Dual agency” refers to the practice of a single agent
representing both the buyer and the seller during the
real estate transaction. When an agent acts in a dual
capacity, they owe the same fiduciary responsibility to
both parties. Most states have a required brochure or
pamphlet which details the responsibilities of buyers
agents, sellers agents, and dual agents. Buyers
considering the use of a dual agent should pay
particular attention to the difference in
responsibilities when an agent acts as a
representative of both the buyer and the seller.
What is a “dual agent, and
should I work with one?
To do the best job for you, your agent will need the
best information you can provide. This would
include such things as:
Preferred price range
Number of bedrooms / bathrooms
Style of home (single-story, two story, etc)
Size of yard
Preferred school districts
Geographical areas / neighborhoods of interest
special needs / special interest which you
home needs to accommodate
What type of information
will my agent need from
Your agent can work with you to determine
how often you want to receive up-dates on
available homes, and by what method
(telephone, email snail mail). Clients using
email can receive automatic updates from
the MLS system as soon as new listings are
How can I find out about
new properties?
Yes, provided your agent is a member of
the MLS where the property is listed.
Some communities have more than one
MLS, so its important to find out which
MLS(s) your agent subscribes to.
Can my agent provide
information on properties
listed with other companies?
With the advent of the internet, many buyers
have begun searching for and often finding
properties of interest while working with an
agent. If you have an agent, contact them with
the address or the MLS number of the property
in question. Your agent can then contact the
agent of the property. It is never appropriate for
you to contact the seller of the home directly if it
is a listed property; you also should not contract
the listing agent directly.
What if I find a property
on my own?
Yes. However, when meeting the agent hosting
the open house its best if you immediately
identify yourself as working with another
agent. If you don’t, your agent might not be
able to help you write an offer on that
property in the future.
Can I go to open houses
without my agent?
Nothing is more frustrating to an agent than a buyer
who is working with multiple real estate agents.
Without a commitment from you to work with just one
agent, its not likely that the agent will do their best
work for you. The exception to this situation is a buyer
who is looking in a large geographic area. If you are
looking for property outside the market area your agent
specializes in ask them for a referral to an agent in
another area(s). That way, both agents are in
communication during the home search, allowing them
to partner in finding you the right property.
Can I work with more
than one agent?
Let your agent know that youre unhappy, and the
reasons why. It may be a simple misunderstanding that
can be corrected. If the issues are more substantially, or
the relationship simply isn’t the right “fit, tell the agent
you no longer wish to work with them. If you have a
buyer agency agreement with your agent, you will need
to provide a written cancellation of the agreement. Don’t
let a less than perfect relationship keep you from
finding another agent to work with. Buying and selling
real estate are complex transactions, and its important
that you have an agent to represent your interests.
What If I am unhappy
with my agent?
The purchase of real estate represents a large financial
commitment on your part. Its important for you to have
representation during the process.
When worki ng with a buyers agents, remember:
Typically there is no compensation required from you to have
Your agent can get you information / show you any listed
You can search for properties on your own, but you should
involve your agent once you’ve found a property of interest.
You can attend open houses without your agent, but be sure to
quickly identify your agency relationship to the agent at the
open house
A buyer agency agreement details the working agreement
between you and your buyers agent.
“Dual agency is a option; be sure you understand the
differences between traditional buyer agency and dual agency.
Thank you for taking the time to preview my qualifications and
resumes. This information package was prepared for you to answer
any questions you may have and to prevent and future
misunderstandings between my clients and myself.
I look forward to working with you in the near future and feel
certain that you will be happy with my services.
Thank You