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your mind will be blown on these amazing creatures!!

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 Endangered Mountain Gorillas

By, Gavin Q. DeLeon

  Disease goes around like crazy and we have a hard time staying ahead of it. Though that doesn’t mean we can’t help other creatures in need. These mountain gorillas are going away one-by-one and now they're almost extinct. But, because they are so similar to us, we are giving them our medicine and saving the lives of these beautiful creatures.




Welcome to Continental Africa! Home of our mountain gorillas. They’re one of the special members of the primates family. They can live up to fifty years in captivity. They have three natural predators -  leopards, crocodiles, and, most troubling, humans ourselves.  Sadly, there are only 720 left remaining because of hunters, people want their skin, But worst of all disease...    



Meet the Gorillas



Here are some Interesting characteristics I bet you didn’t know.  Mountain gorillas stand at six-feet tall - they are the tallest kind of gorilla to be exact! They weigh 300-425 pounds. The males weigh twice the size as the females!


Interesting Characteristics



Interestingly enough, would you ever guess these huge gentle giants are vegetarians? And, strangely enough, they have B.O., just like some of us - YUCK!! But hey, it shows that we have something in common! Plus, their DNA is 98.679% the same as ours.They have families just like we do. As stated earlier, their suffering from some of the diseases we are suffering with today such as pneumonia, and sinusitis. However we have been giving them the medicine we use because we're so much alike. 


Interesting Characteristics (cont.)


In summary, there is mixed news regarding the mountain gorillas and our efforts to save them. They are still listed as “critically threatened” and are at risk for extinction – that’s the bad news. The good news is that the population IS growing, from about 700 in 2006, to at least 880 in 2012. That’s a lot of babies being born, which is GREAT news and, as you can see by the picture, very CUTE too!! Hopefully, if we continue to make donations and protect these awesome animals, they will roam our earth for years to come!!