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Everything you need to know about this upcoming year in 4th Grade at Estes Elementary

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  Welcome back to 4th Grade at Estes Elementary!   

Get to know your teacher....

My name is Christa Huskisson most of the kids call me Ms. H! I have been teaching for 10 years and all at Estes! I have a fur baby named Sienna I love, and I coach volleyball at OMS. I am passionate about being your child's teacher my main goal is to love your child and educate them in every way I can to make the best they can possibly be! I want you to know we are partners in this journey together and I want the best for our classroom family! 

Daily Need to knows:

Lunch time: 12:35-1:00 

* there are special tables for guests that eat with the students and please no sodas/candy brought to school only healthy snacks 


Monday- Px30 and School Counselor (have tennis shoes)

Tuesday- Gym (have tennis shoes) 

Wednesday- Music 

Thursday- Creativity 

Friday-  21st Century

Bringing Toys ETC to School

No cell phones, iPads, or game devices needed at school. 

No toys brought to school unless a note for show and tell. 

No fidget spinners or similar devices without a doctor's note and consulted with the teacher first.  

In this classroom...

Kids are expected to make mistakes and learn from them. To show grit in everything they do. To be responsible for their grades, actions, and learning. To work as a class family to help each other learn, grow, and become a better person. Excuses are not accepted because they stop you from growing!