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Delivery Boy

By Luke Wittman Hour 2

         The year is 1999 in New York city, it was New Years Eve. Chao had to deliver a huge order for a party. He hated his job. He was a Chinese delivery boy. He got paid below minimum wage and got no tips. Chao hated his boss, he’s always mean to him. Chao was vey good at riding his bike though. He used it to deliver all of his orders. “Here it is, The Hyatt”. He walked in to the main lobby of the hotel.  

“Where is room 214?”, Chao asked. “2 floors up to the right”, the bellman said. “Thanks”. Chao walked up the 2 flights of stairs to room 214. He turned the corner and knocked on the door. “KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK” “Heloo?” He turned the doorknob, it pushed open. It was a dark room with weird machines inside. “Well, another prank call.” Outside the count down for the New Year was starting. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” “To a new year” He opened a can of coke from the orderand as he started to drink he tripped into one of the odd machines and the door closed. The dial on the machine lit up and read “1,000 years”. “WHOOOSH”, the door to the machine opened. Chao stepped outside exhausted. “Where am I?” Chao muttered. He looked outside the big glass window and saw dark brown smoke filling up the air of New York City, buildings collapsed and on fire, gangs running down the street chasing another. “What happened to New York?” Chao wondered. “BANG” “Was that a gun shot?” Chao ran down the flight of stairs and into the lobby. 






There was a huge hole in the side of the building and all the windows were smashed. Chao walks out to the sidewalk and surprisingly finds his bike still locked up in the alleyway. “I should ride home to see if my apartment is still intact. “BANG” “HEY get over here!” Chao turned his head to the alleyway on the opposite side of the street. There was a gang beating up another man. “I need to get out of here,” Chao whimpered. Chao rode his bike as fast he could to his small apartment and pulled up. All that remained of the apartment was the front doorway to the lobby. “I should’ve expected that,” Chao muttered. “Hey come over here kid,” a voice behind him whispered. “Who is that?” Chao yelled. “Shhh, be quiet. Come over here.” Chao ran over to the silhouette by the alley of the building across the street. “Who are you?” Chao asked. “I’m Randy,” Randy whispered. “Now keep your voice down or we’ll get caught.” “By who?” Chao asked. “The Robo-Cops” Randy sighed. “What! There is no such thing as Robo-Cops!” “Did you just get out of a time machine, because we’ve had Robo-Cops for over 99 years now, almost 100, todays New Years Eve! “Wait…what? I thought it was 1999. Wait a second…I just came out of a time machine!” Chao yelled. “Hey keep it down we don’t want to get cau…get down!” Two Robo-Cops passed by with a gang behind them in futuristic hand cuffs that had a purple light between the two cuffs. “Ok I think we’re safe now,” Randy sighed. “How did New York become like this?” Chao asked. 

“Well, around 500 years ago the citizens found out that the government had all this futuristic technology that wasn’t supposed to come for a long time, so the citizens got mad that the government wasn’t telling them anything, so people broke into chaos, burning buildings, starting riots and gangs, which eventually led to this.” “Wow, so why are you afraid of the Robo-Cops?” Chao asked. “Because if the Robo-Cops find anyone, they are supposed to bring them to the main city, Washington D.C.,” Randy said. “The Robo-Cops are supposed to bring the world back into its original order, but it’s not working out,” Randy said. “What is D.C. like right now?” Chao asked. “It’s all the futuristic technology that you would see in movies, you know?” Randy said. “Ok, we need to get into my main base inside this gas station.” Randy and Chao quickly ran inside the gas station and took cover inside. “The people in my group are on a supply trip by Times Square. We need to travel over there without getting caught by any Robo-Cops or gangs.” “Will this be dangerous?” Chao asked. “Yes, very dangerous.” Randy moaned.

 Randy and Chao started to ride their bikes over to Times Square to meet up with their group.

“What are your friends getting?” Chao asked. “Weapons,” Randy replied. “You need defense when you’re fighting against gangs and especially Robo-Cops.” “Make a right into this garage up the street,” Randy yelled. Randy and Chao both drove into the dark garage that had their friends inside. “Randy!” A voice in the garage yelled. 


“Charlie did you get the guns?” Randy asked. “Yup, good ones too,” Charlie replied. “Ok guys, lets go!” Charlie yelled to the rest of the group. Charlie, Randy, Chao and the rest of the group rode their bikes away with out being noticed by others.

 “Hey Randy, we need to make a quick stop at the radio station because Becky getting the golden gun,” Charlie yelled. “WHAT! That’s crazy Charlie why did you make her do that.” “She wanted too,” Charlie replied. So the group quickly pedaled to the radio station and slowly crept in. “Becky…?” Charlie whispered. “ Did you get it?” The lights turned on and there was Becky in hand cuffs surrounded by Robo-Cops. “Shoot the cops!” Charlie yelled. “Click, click, click.” The guns don’t have any ammo Charlie,” one of the group members replied. “Then run for it!” But they just backed into another group of Robo-Cops.

“I’m sorry Chao for getting you into this,” Randy yelled. The Robo-Cops threw them into the truck to bring them to D.C. “I forgot to ask you Randy, what do the Robo-Cops do to you when they bring you to D.C.?” “They make you in to one,” Randy sobbed. 


The End