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An a-z book about Martin Luther King Jr


''Free at last free at last thank god almighty were free at last''was the last phrase of Martin Luther King Jr 's speech ''I have a dream.'' Martin is famouns for being the leader in the Africa-Amirican Civil Rights Movement. One of the major reson he is known for is for the nonvilense movement. He is reconised by having his very own holiday on the 3rd Monday of January close to his birthday on January 15.



Alfred was Martin's younger brother.Also Martin was arrested at least 29 times during the Civil Rights Movement.Finally on April 3,1968 Martin gave his last speech ''I've been to the Mountaintop.

Martin was Born on January 15,1929 in Alanta, Georgia.Also from 1951-1955 Martin went to Boston University.


Martin graduated from Morehouse Collage in 1948 at age 19.Also Martin meet Coretta Scott in Boston. In addition Martin was an important voice on the Arican-American Civil Rights Movement.Finaly in 2004 Martin won the Congressional Gold Metal.


On August 28,1963 Martin gave his speech''I have a Dream''Also on December 10,1964 Martin won the Nobel Peace Prize at age of 35.In additon on December 5, 1955 the boycott started.Finnaly in 1955 Martin earned a doctoral degree.




Martin went to David T. Howard Elementary but, his mom was a school teacher so she gave martin a head start.In addition he wanted to go at age 5 but at that time the starting age was 6.

Martin was a  man that never liked to use a fiss insteed he used words.Also Martin liked playing football and baseball.Finaly Martin was the first African-american to receive their own holiday.



When Martin was in High School He skiped the grades 9th &11th.Also Martin graduated from High School at the age 15.


Martin got hate mail by white people while the boycott.Also in high school Martin was quarterback for the football.Finaly Martin and Coretta had their honeymoon at a friend's funeral parlor.

In 1959 Martin when on a trip to India.Martin did not go alone, insted he went with his family. What did he do there? In India he went to visit Mahatma Gandi's family.

Marin's house was bomed on  January 30th,1956.Also on June 18,1953 Martin got married.

Martin was killed on his hotel bacony.In addition when Martin was killed he was 39 years old.

Martin was killed in Lorraine Motel.In addition Maritn wrote ''Letter from Birmigham'' and got published on June 12,1963.

When Martin was born his name.In addition Michel until he was 5 he and his dad changed his name to Martin.Finaly on Augest 28,1963 was the day when the March in Washinton by the Mall was done.

Martin was named after his father that is were the is what the Jr. is for in his name.Also

in 1958 Martin was stabed in Harlen NY by Izola Curry by the heart While he was doing a book signing. Doctors said that even a snezze could have killed him.Finaly Martin was a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Martin had a white friend until they were 6 they were not alower to play with each other because of their skin color.Also in 1977 Martin won the Prsidental Medal of Freedom.

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''I have decited to stick with love. Hate is to great burden to bear''-MLKJ


''IF you can't fly, than run. If you can't run, than walk. If you can't walk, than crawl but, what ever you do Keep Moving" -MLKJ


" A man who won't die for something , is not fit  to live-MLKJ

The person who killed Martin was... James Earl Ray. How? James had rented a room at least 2 rooms away from where Martin was staying for the night. Why did he not rent the next door room? He did not rent the room next to him because James had a bigger chanse of getting spotted.

At the age of 15 Martin won a speech  contest.Also in 1951 Martin graduated from Crozer  Theolagical Seinary.Finaly in 1958 publishes his 1st book Stride Toward Freedom.

Martin was killed in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4th,1968.


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When Martin was 12 he jumped out a 2 story window after his maternal grandmother died.In addition the bus boycott lasted 382 days!! That is 1 year and 17days!!Also over 250,000 People marched on Washinton!!!!!!Finaly over 730 streets have his name.


Martin was a person who do not like to use violance.



Martin went to Booker  T. Washinton High School.



And Extra

Malcom X did not like what Martin did.


Autopsy results revealed the he had the heart of a 60-year-old.

Autopasy-a postmortem examination to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease.

Martin had 4 children :Yolanda Denise King(1955-2007),Martin Luther King 111(1957),Dexter Scott King (1961) and Bernice Albertine King(1963).In addition after Martin gave his speech ''I Have a Dream'' Martin got chosen for person of the year.


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Martin Luther King Jr. won a Grammy, not because of the time he sang ''Gone of the wind'' in a kids choir but, for Best Spoken Word Album for Why I Oppose The War in Vietnam.In addition Martin used to smoke cigarettes even though he always tryed to keep it a secret.  

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Eugene Bull Connor

Malcom X

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My name is Miriam and choosed Martin Luther King Jr because all I knew about him was that he was the leater of The African-American Civil Rights Leader so, I wanted to know more the that.