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Welcome to our Kindergarten Stage at BIA.

We are a professional team of staff who aim to provide academic excellence and skills which will prepare your daughter for modern life.

Through teaching the British National Curriculum we hope to instill a love of learning in a happy, stimulating environment which inspires, challenges, and encourages independence; where daughter feel able to take risks and learn from her experiences.

These experiences are delivered through a ‘creative curriculum’ where there is a very clear educational purpose, lessons are imaginative and progress is measured in order to inform the next stage of your child’s learning. Our students' needs drive the learning that takes place and we pride ourselves on ensuring that we know our learners and therefore can meet their needs.

Our priority is an atmosphere of fun and happiness at this stage that is caring towards each other and motivated to learn. During their time here they grow into confident, well-rounded individuals.

K.G is a Foundation Stage provides education for (children aged 3 and 4) and (children aged 4 and 5).

At BIA we create a warm and friendly environment allowing your child to play, learn and discover the world around them. The teaching staff believe in allowing each child to develop at their own personal rate. The key ethos of the ( K.G) is to recognise and nurture every child’s own individuality.

The Areas of Learning and Development

There are 7 overall prime areas of learning

communication and language;

physical development;

personal, social and emotional development.

The specific areas of learning are:

  1. literacy;
    1. mathematics;
      1. understanding the world;
        1. expressive arts and design.

Assessment at the end of this stage is known as the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and this document is used to help plan the children’s learning program in Year 1.

Kindergarten Daily Routine: 7.00 to 1.45

In Early Years Foundation Stage (K.G) the school day begins at 7.00 and lasts until 1.30. A crèche facility is available from 1.30 to 2.00 for learners who have siblings in Key Stage 1 or above. Parents will take their daughters to their classroom at the beginning of the day and collect them from there at the end of the day.

What to bring from home

All Primary learners are to bring the following essentials to school every day:

A healthy snack, packed lunch and refillable water bottle.

A hat to wear for outside play.

A back pack to carry school books and folders.

 Please note that we do not encourage wheelie bags as they can be dangerous in the corridors.

School reading books and reading record book.

Physical Education (PE) clothing

  • School PE kit, consisting of red training suit, yellow polo shirt and sports shoes, must be brought to school on the days scheduled for PE each week.

  • Swimming clothing consists of a one piece swimming costume for girls, swimming cap, goggles and a towel. Parents will be advised when their daughters has swimming scheduled.

Special days

Every year the our school celebrates a number of important occasions, many of which include an opportunity to dress up. These include:

  • Term 1

    • Qatar National Day: Learners are asked to wear Qatari national colors or clothing as a mark of respect.

  • Term 2

    • Brighton Book Day: Learners (and teachers) come to school dressed as their favorite book character.

    • International Day: Everyone in school dresses in national colors or in clothing that represents their nationality.

Brighton Day:Learners (and teachers) come to school dressed yellow as school theme .

Other special days include:

  • Sports Day is held in the week surrounding National Sports Day, generally in Term 2. 

  • Occasionally charity days are held during which students are invited to wear a particular colour associated with the charity or come dressed out of school uniform. They make a small donation to the charity.

Learners also celebrate their learning and connection to a Creative Curriculum theme by dressing up at the end of a unit. Class teachers will notify parents about such days.